School Info

Here are some schools that may be of interest in the following area(s):

Acton : 4 schools
Addison : 2 schools
Agincourt : 2 schools
Ailsa Craig : 2 schools
Ajax : 50 schools
Alexandria : 9 schools
Alfred : 1 school
Alliston : 8 schools
Alma : 3 schools
Almonte : 5 schools
Alvinston : 1 school
Ameliasburgh : 1 school
Amherstburg : 7 schools
Amherstview : 3 schools
Ancaster : 17 schools
Angus : 4 schools
Apsley : 2 schools
Armstrong : 1 school
Arnprior : 7 schools
Arthur : 4 schools
Arva : 2 schools
Astorville : 1 school
Athens : 3 schools
Atikokan : 4 schools
Atwood : 2 schools
Aurora : 34 schools
Avonmore : 3 schools
Aylmer : 16 schools
Ayr : 3 schools
Ayton : 2 schools
Azilda : 2 schools
Baden : 3 schools
Balmertown : 1 school
Baltimore : 1 school
Bancroft : 7 schools
Barrie : 60 schools
Batawa : 1 school
Bath : 2 schools
Battersea : 1 school
Beachburg : 2 schools
Beamsville : 7 schools
Beardmore : 1 school
Beaverton : 3 schools
Beeton : 2 schools
Belfountain : 1 school
Belle River : 5 schools
Belleville : 30 schools
Belmont : 1 school
Berwick : 1 school
Bethany : 2 schools
Binbrook : 2 schools
Blackstock : 1 school
Blenheim : 4 schools
Blind River : 6 schools
Bobcaygeon : 1 school
Bolton : 10 schools
Bonfield : 1 school
Borden : 2 schools
Bothwell : 1 school
Bourget : 1 school
Bowmanville : 21 schools
Bracebridge : 11 schools
Bradford : 14 schools
Brampton : 239 schools
Brantford : 70 schools
Brechin : 2 schools
Breslau : 4 schools
Bridgenorth : 1 school
Brigden : 1 school
Brighton : 4 schools
Britt : 1 school
Brockville : 17 schools
Brooklin : 7 schools
Bruce Mines : 2 schools
Brucefield : 1 school
Brussels : 1 school
Burford : 2 schools
Burlington : 75 schools
Buttonville : 1 school
Caistor Centre : 1 school
Calabogie : 1 school
Caledon : 17 schools
Caledon East : 3 schools
Caledon Village : 1 school
Caledonia : 6 schools
Callander : 2 schools
Cambridge : 55 schools
Cameron : 1 school
Camlachie : 2 schools
Campbellcroft : 2 schools
Campbellford : 4 schools
Campbellville : 2 schools
Campden : 1 school
Cannington : 2 schools
Capreol : 1 school
Cardiff : 1 school
Carleton Place : 10 schools
Carlisle : 1 school
Carp : 2 schools
Casselman : 6 schools
Castleton : 1 school
Cavan : 1 school
Cayuga : 3 schools
Centreville : 1 school
Chalk River : 1 school
Chapleau : 6 schools
Charlton : 1 school
Chatham : 24 schools
Chatsworth : 1 school
Chelmsford : 7 schools
Chepstow : 1 school
Cherry Valley : 1 school
Chesley : 6 schools
Chesterville : 4 schools
Claremont : 1 school
Clarence Creek : 1 school
Clinton : 6 schools
Cloyne : 2 schools
Cobalt : 1 school
Cobden : 2 schools
Coboconk : 1 school
Cobourg : 14 schools
Cochrane : 5 schools
Coe Hill : 1 school
Colborne : 1 school
Coldwater : 1 school
Collingwood : 13 schools
Collins : 1 school
Comber : 1 school
Combermere : 1 school
Concord : 7 schools
Conestogo : 1 school
Coniston : 2 schools
Cookstown : 3 schools
Copetown : 2 schools
Copper Cliff : 1 school
Corbeil : 1 school
Corbyville : 1 school
Cornwall : 32 schools
Corunna : 3 schools
Cottam : 1 school
Courtice : 11 schools
Courtland : 2 schools
Creemore : 1 school
Crysler : 1 school
Crystal Beach : 1 school
Cumberland : 3 schools
Dalkeith : 1 school
Dashwood : 2 schools
Deep River : 3 schools
Delaware : 3 schools
Delhi : 4 schools
Desbarats : 5 schools
Deseronto : 1 school
Devlin : 1 school
Dorchester : 4 schools
Dorion : 1 school
Douglas : 3 schools
Douro : 1 school
Dowling : 2 schools
Drayton : 6 schools
Dresden : 4 schools
Drumbo : 1 school
Dryden : 11 schools
Dublin : 2 schools
Dubreuilville : 2 schools
Dunchurch : 1 school
Dundalk : 2 schools
Dundas : 10 schools
Dunnville : 6 schools
Dunrobin : 1 school
Dunsford : 1 school
Durham : 4 schools
Dutton : 1 school
Dwight : 1 school
Ear Falls : 1 school
Earlton : 1 school
East York : 23 schools
Echo Bay : 1 school
Eganville : 2 schools
Egbert : 1 school
Elgin : 4 schools
Elginburg : 1 school
Elk Lake : 1 school
Elliot Lake : 13 schools
Elmira : 12 schools
Elmvale : 4 schools
Elora : 6 schools
Embro : 1 school
Embrun : 5 schools
Emeryville : 2 schools
Emo : 1 school
Emsdale : 1 school
Englehart : 4 schools
Ennismore : 2 schools
Enterprise : 1 school
Erin : 4 schools
Erinsville : 1 school
Espanola : 6 schools
Essex : 5 schools
Ethel : 1 school
Etobicoke : 90 schools
Everett : 1 school
Exeter : 4 schools
Fenelon Falls : 2 schools
Fenwick : 3 schools
Fergus : 8 schools
Fisherville : 1 school
Fitzroy Harbour : 1 school
Flesherton : 2 schools
Foleyet : 1 school
Fonthill : 5 schools
Forest : 3 schools
Formosa : 1 school
Fort Erie : 7 schools
Fort Frances : 11 schools
Foxboro : 1 school
Frankford : 2 schools
Gananoque : 4 schools
Garson : 3 schools
Georgetown : 18 schools
Geraldton : 4 schools
Glen Morris : 1 school
Glen Williams : 1 school
Glenburnie : 1 school
Glencoe : 4 schools
Gloucester : 32 schools
Goderich : 5 schools
Gogama : 1 school
Goodwood : 1 school
Gore Bay : 1 school
Gores Landing : 1 school
Gorrie : 2 schools
Goulais River : 1 school
Gowanstown : 1 school
Grafton : 2 schools
Grand Bend : 1 school
Grand Valley : 1 school
Grande Pointe : 1 school
Gravenhurst : 5 schools
Greely : 2 schools
Greenbank : 1 school
Greensville : 1 school
Greenwood : 1 school
Grimsby : 12 schools
Guelph : 70 schools
Hagersville : 5 schools
Haileybury : 1 school
Haliburton : 3 schools
Halton Hills : 1 school
Hamilton : 154 schools
Hammond : 4 schools
Hampton : 3 schools
Hanmer : 8 schools
Hanover : 7 schools
Harriston : 6 schools
Harrow : 3 schools
Harrowsmith : 2 schools
Hastings : 1 school
Havelock : 1 school
Hawkesbury : 10 schools
Hawkestone : 1 school
Hearst : 9 schools
Hensall : 1 school
Hepworth : 1 school
Hickson : 1 school
Hillsburgh : 1 school
Hillsdale : 1 school
Holland Centre : 1 school
Holland Landing : 2 schools
Holstein : 4 schools
Honey Harbour : 1 school
Hornepayne : 4 schools
Huntsville : 8 schools
Huttonville : 1 school
Ignace : 3 schools
Ilderton : 2 schools
Ingersoll : 5 schools
Ingleside : 2 schools
Inglewood : 1 school
Innerkip : 1 school
Innisfil : 7 schools
Iroquois : 3 schools
Iroquois Falls : 8 schools
Jarvis : 2 schools
Jordan : 1 school
Joyceville : 1 school
Kakabeka Falls : 2 schools
Kanata : 39 schools
Kapuskasing : 9 schools
Kars : 1 school
Keene : 1 school
Keewatin : 3 schools
Kemptville : 12 schools
Kenilworth : 1 school
Kenora : 11 schools
Keswick : 15 schools
Kettleby : 1 school
Kilbride : 1 school
Killaloe : 2 schools
Killarney : 1 school
Kincardine : 8 schools
King City : 5 schools
Kingston : 66 schools
Kingsville : 6 schools
Kintore : 1 school
Kirkfield : 1 school
Kirkland Lake : 9 schools
Kitchener : 99 schools
Kleinburg : 5 schools
Komoka : 2 schools
Lakefield : 3 schools
Lanark : 2 schools
Langton : 5 schools
Lansdowne : 1 school
Lasalle : 8 schools
Leamington : 13 schools
Lefroy : 2 schools
Levack : 1 school
Limehouse : 1 school
Limoges : 2 schools
Lindsay : 19 schools
Linwood : 2 schools
Lion S Head : 1 school
Listowel : 11 schools
Little Britain : 1 school
Little Current : 1 school
Lively : 4 schools
Lombardy : 1 school
London : 151 schools
Long Sault : 2 schools
Longlac : 5 schools
Loretto : 1 school
Lucan : 2 schools
Lucknow : 12 schools
Lyn : 1 school
Lyndhurst : 1 school
Mactier : 1 school
Madoc : 4 schools
Magnetawan : 2 schools
Maidstone : 1 school
Mallorytown : 1 school
Manitouwadge : 4 schools
Manitowaning : 1 school
Manotick : 4 schools
Maple : 29 schools
Marathon : 7 schools
Markdale : 1 school
Markham : 124 schools
Markstay : 3 schools
Marmora : 2 schools
Maryhill : 1 school
Marysville : 1 school
Massey : 2 schools
Matheson : 1 school
Mattawa : 6 schools
Mattice : 1 school
Maxville : 1 school
Maxwell : 1 school
Maynooth : 1 school
Mcgregor : 1 school
Meaford : 4 schools
Merlin : 1 school
Merrickville : 3 schools
Metcalfe : 4 schools
Midhurst : 4 schools
Midland : 7 schools
Mildmay : 3 schools
Millbrook : 1 school
Millgrove : 2 schools
Milton : 40 schools
Milverton : 6 schools
Mindemoya : 1 school
Minden : 2 schools
Mine Centre : 2 schools
Minesing : 1 school
Missanabie : 2 schools
Mississauga : 313 schools
Mitchell : 3 schools
Monetville : 1 school
Moonbeam : 1 school
Moorefield : 2 schools
Mooretown : 1 school
Moose Creek : 1 school
Moose Factory : 3 schools
Moosonee : 3 schools
Morrisburg : 2 schools
Mount Albert : 2 schools
Mount Forest : 13 schools
Mount Hope : 3 schools
Mount Pleasant : 1 school
Mountain Grove : 1 school
Murillo : 1 school
Nakina : 3 schools
Napanee : 7 schools
Navan : 1 school
Nepean : 63 schools
Nestor Falls : 2 schools
New Dundee : 1 school
New Hamburg : 4 schools
New Liskeard : 9 schools
New Lowell : 1 school
Newburgh : 1 school
Newcastle : 4 schools
Newmarket : 44 schools
Newton : 5 schools
Niagara Falls : 40 schools
Niagara-on-the-lake : 6 schools
Nipigon : 2 schools
Nipissing : 1 school
Nobel : 1 school
Nobleton : 3 schools
Noëlville : 3 schools
Norfolk : 1 school
North Bay : 42 schools
North Gower : 2 schools
North Lancaster : 1 school
North York : 168 schools
Norwich : 2 schools
Norwood : 4 schools
Oakville : 83 schools
Oakwood : 1 school
Odessa : 2 schools
Omemee : 2 schools
Orangeville : 18 schools
Orillia : 17 schools
Orleans : 42 schools
Orono : 1 school
Orton : 1 school
Osgoode : 1 school
Oshawa : 70 schools
Ottawa : 196 schools
Otterville : 1 school
Owen Sound : 16 schools
Oxford Mills : 1 school
Pain Court : 2 schools
Paisley : 3 schools
Pakenham : 1 school
Palgrave : 1 school
Palmer Rapids : 2 schools
Palmerston : 2 schools
Paris : 7 schools
Parkhill : 3 schools
Parry Sound : 5 schools
Pefferlaw : 1 school
Pelee Island : 1 school
Pembroke : 20 schools
Penetanguishene : 9 schools
Perth : 10 schools
Perth Road : 2 schools
Petawawa : 5 schools
Peterborough : 44 schools
Petrolia : 5 schools
Pickering : 31 schools
Pickle Lake : 2 schools
Picton : 5 schools
Plantagenet : 3 schools
Plattsville : 2 schools
Plevna : 1 school
Point Edward : 1 school
Pointe-aux- Roches : 1 school
Porcupine : 1 school
Port Burwell : 2 schools
Port Carling : 1 school
Port Colborne : 10 schools
Port Dover : 2 schools
Port Elgin : 5 schools
Port Hope : 7 schools
Port Lambton : 2 schools
Port Loring : 1 school
Port Perry : 5 schools
Port Rowan : 1 school
Port Stanley : 1 school
Powassan : 2 schools
Prescott : 7 schools
Prince Albert : 1 school
Queensville : 1 school
Rainy River : 2 schools
Ramore : 1 school
Red Lake : 4 schools
Red Rock : 2 schools
Redbridge : 1 school
Renfrew : 10 schools
Rexdale : 1 school
Richards Landing : 1 school
Richmond : 3 schools
Richmond Hill : 150 schools
Ridgetown : 4 schools
Ridgeway : 1 school
Ripley : 2 schools
River Canard : 1 school
River Valley : 1 school
Rockland : 9 schools
Rockwood : 4 schools
Rodney : 1 school
Roseneath : 1 school
Russell : 7 schools
Ruthven : 1 school
Saint-charles : 1 school
Sandford : 1 school
Sarnia : 34 schools
Sauble Beach : 1 school
Sault Ste. Marie : 42 schools
Savant Lake : 1 school
Scarborough : 203 schools
Schomberg : 2 schools
Schreiber : 2 schools
Schumacher : 1 school
Scotland : 1 school
Seaforth : 3 schools
Sebringville : 2 schools
Selby : 1 school
Serpent River : 1 school
Severn Bridge : 1 school
Shakespeare : 1 school
Shannonville : 2 schools
Shanty Bay : 2 schools
Sharbot Lake : 3 schools
Sharon : 2 schools
Sheffield : 1 school
Shelburne : 4 schools
Shining Tree : 2 schools
Simcoe : 9 schools
Sioux Lookout : 5 schools
Sioux Narrows : 1 school
Sleeman : 1 school
Smiths Falls : 15 schools
Smithville : 5 schools
Smooth Rock Falls : 3 schools
South Mountain : 1 school
South Porcupine : 5 schools
South River : 2 schools
Southampton : 1 school
Spanish : 1 school
Spencerville : 1 school
Springfield : 1 school
St-albert : 1 school
St-eugène : 1 school
St-isidore : 1 school
St-pascal-baylon : 1 school
St. Catharines : 70 schools
St. Joachim : 1 school
St. Thomas : 19 schools
Stayner : 5 schools
Stella : 1 school
Stevensville : 2 schools
Stirling : 2 schools
Stittsville : 11 schools
Stoney Creek : 24 schools
Stoney Point : 1 school
Stouffville : 17 schools
Straffordville : 2 schools
Stratford : 21 schools
Strathroy : 11 schools
Stratton : 1 school
Sturgeon Falls : 8 schools
Sudbury : 56 schools
Sunderland : 1 school
Sundridge : 2 schools
Sutton : 1 school
Sutton West : 3 schools
Sydenham : 3 schools
Tamworth : 1 school
Tara : 2 schools
Tavistock : 1 school
Tecumseh : 12 schools
Teeswater : 2 schools
Teeterville : 1 school
Temagami : 1 school
Terrace Bay : 4 schools
Thamesford : 1 school
Thamesville : 2 schools
Thedford : 1 school
Thessalon : 2 schools
Thornbury : 1 school
Thorndale : 1 school
Thorne : 1 school
Thornhill : 64 schools
Thornloe : 2 schools
Thorold : 9 schools
Thunder Bay : 56 schools
Tilbury : 4 schools
Tillsonburg : 8 schools
Timmins : 25 schools
Tobermory : 1 school
Toledo : 1 school
Toronto : 700 schools
Tottenham : 5 schools
Trenton : 18 schools
Troy : 1 school
Tweed : 2 schools
Unionville : 20 schools
Upsala : 2 schools
Utterson : 3 schools
Uxbridge : 6 schools
Val Caron : 8 schools
Val Therese : 1 school
Vanier : 5 schools
Vankleek Hill : 4 schools
Vaughan : 14 schools
Vermilion Bay : 1 school
Verner : 1 school
Verona : 1 school
Victoria Harbour : 2 schools
Vineland : 2 schools
Virginiatown : 1 school
Wainfleet : 3 schools
Walkerton : 4 schools
Wallaceburg : 15 schools
Warkworth : 2 schools
Warminster : 1 school
Warren : 2 schools
Warsaw : 1 school
Wasaga Beach : 4 schools
Washago : 1 school
Waterdown : 5 schools
Waterford : 5 schools
Waterloo : 46 schools
Watford : 2 schools
Wawa : 6 schools
Welland : 30 schools
Wellesley : 3 schools
Wellington : 1 school
Wendover : 1 school
West Hill : 2 schools
West Lorne : 2 schools
Westbrook : 1 school
Westmeath : 1 school
Westport : 2 schools
Wheatley : 3 schools
Whitby : 48 schools
White River : 1 school
Whitefish : 1 school
Whitney : 2 schools
Wiarton : 2 schools
Wilberforce : 1 school
Williamstown : 4 schools
Winchester : 1 school
Windsor : 97 schools
Wingham : 11 schools
Wolfe Island : 2 schools
Woodbridge : 49 schools
Woodlawn : 1 school
Woodslee : 1 school
Woodstock : 22 schools
Woodville : 1 school
Wyevale : 1 school
Wyoming : 3 schools
York : 35 schools
Zurich : 2 schools
Schools - Kindergarten to Grade 8

Schools - Kindergarten to Grade 8

Jackman Institute of Child Study
45 Walmer Rd Toronto
Hillview Christian Day School
R.R.#4 RR 4 116 Fort Stewart Rd Bancroft
Peak Centre Academy
1565 MAPLE GROVE RD Kanata
True North Academy
200 Ontario Street Stayner
Edge Hill Country School
423281 Concession 6 RR 1 Durham
Evergreen Leadership Academy
2701 Rutherford Road Vaughan
Kingsway College School
4600 Dundas St W Etobicoke
Ontario Muslim Academy
82 Beverly Street Cambridge
Calvary Christian School
310 Scott St St. Catharines
Khalsa School Malton
7280 Airport Rd. Mississauga
Abubakr Education Academy
2665 Lawrence Ave East Scarborough
Lighthouse Christian School
59 Victoria Street Port Burwell
Amish Parochial School #6
5124 B Line 62 2 Milverton
Hillcrest Private School
7 Little York St Orangeville
Tillsonburg Christian School
165 Goshen Road 2 Tillsonburg
Intola Baptist Church
6771 Mapleward Road Thunder Bay
Erudite School
2323 Bloor Street West Toronto
Bethel Baptist Academy
4059 Highway 3 East Simcoe
Islamic School of Hamilton
1545 Stone Church Rd E Hamilton
Saba's Academy
1675 The Chase Road Mississauga
Children's Montessori School, The
186 Romaine St Peterborough
Exceptional Learning Centre
520 Westney Rd South Ajax
Covenant Christian School
6470 Regional 14 Rd Smithville
OpenMind Alliance Academy
160 East Beaver Creek Road Richmond Hill
ALIF Canada
505 Ellesmere Road Toronto
Woodside Melody Parochial
144460 Southgate Road 14 1 Holstein
Orillia Christian School
505 Gill St Orillia
Queen's Collegiate
5535 Eglinton West Ave Toronto
Westboro Academy
1000 Brookfield East Road Ottawa
Longbridge Academy
1550 16th Avenue Richmond Hill
Bonnechere Valley
5773 Highway 60 1 Douglas
Edward International Academy
430 King Street Wallaceburg
Crestwood School
411 Lawrence Ave. E Toronto
Gaagige Kiizhik Gakinoo'amaadiiwi'gamig
1450 Valley Drive Kenora
Toronto French Montessori School
191 Wade Gate Thornhill
The Nature School
9550 Pine Valley Drive Woodbridge
Appleby College
540 Lakeshore Rd W Oakville
Amanah Academy North America Foundation
1160 Birchmount Road Scarborough
Our Lady of the Pillar Academy
6100 Calvert Drive 3 Strathroy
Pretty River Academy
11521 Hwy 26 West Collingwood
Burlington Christian Academy
521 North Service Rd Burlington
Le Cercle des savoirs
435 Saint-Laurent Ottawa
Montessori School of Elora
75 Melville St Elora
Um Al-Qura Islamic School
1510 Birchmount Rd Scarborough
Saugeen Pines Parochial School
042100 Road 71 4 Mount Forest
Stouffville Christian School
3885 Stouffville Road Stouffville
Oak Hill Academy
557 Garner Road West Ancaster
Kaban Montessori School
2465 Dunwin Drive Mississauga
Giles School, The
80 Scarsdale Rd Toronto
Signet Christian Private School
675 Sheppard Ave East North York
Madinatul-Uloom Academy
670 Progress Ave Scarborough
Upsala Christian School
11 North Farm Loop Upsala
Abraar School - Elementary
70 Fieldrow Street Ottawa
Crawford Adventist Academy High School
531 Finch Ave W Toronto
Kempenfelt Bay School
2145 Innisfil Beach Road Innisfil
Lycée Français de Toronto
2327 Dufferin St Toronto
Mesorah Montessori School
613 Clark Avenue Thornhill
Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad School
148 Thornridge Drive Thornhill
Mary, Mother of God School
1515A Queen St W Toronto
Blyth Academy Burlington
422 Pearl Street Burlington
Soul Studio Annex
19 Cassels Road East Whitby
A R S Armenian Private School
50 Hallcrown Place Toronto
Madinatul Uloom Academy Inc
710 Progress Ave Scarborough
Brussels Old Colony Christian School
650 Alexander Street Brussels
Triple Hills
90848 Jeffray Line 2 Wingham
Mississauga Christian Academy
2720 Gananoque Drive Mississauga
AIM Academy
56 Boustead Avenue Toronto
Woodview Learning Centre
69 Flatt Rd Burlington
Glen Meyer Old Colony School
1436 1st Concession Road Langton
Mikinaak Onigaming School
212 Mikinaak Drive Nestor Falls
Brock Elementary School
2065 Brock Road North Pickering
Beacon of Light Private Elementary School
2191 Gerrard Street East Toronto
Riyadh Alsalehin School
1324 Lorne Park Rd Mississauga
Rehoboth Christian School
43 Main St E Norwich
Toronto French School
306 Lawrence Ave E Toronto
Guiding Light Academy
225 Broadway Street Mississauga
Al-Risala Academy
1224 Dundas Street E Mississauga
Westside Montessori School
95 Bellevue Avenue Toronto
Linbrook School
1079 Linbrook Road Oakville
Suffah Academy of Learning
6610 Turner Valley Road Mississauga
Castlemore Schools Foundation
12 Automatic Road Brampton
The Linden School
10 Rosehill Ave Toronto
Halton Waldorf School
2193 Orchard Rd Burlington
Todd Parochial
85782 St Helen's Line 2 Lucknow
Berean Baptist Church and Academy
256 St. George Street Brantford
Alborz Education Centre
20 Tangreen Crt. Toronto
The Hill Academy
2600 Rutherford Road Vaughan
Fairbanks Parochial School
083526 Southgate Road 8 2 Mount Forest
North Star Christian Day School
Mine Centre Road Mine Centre
Elite Montessori School
6395 Mississauga Road Mississauga
Summit College - Brantford
505 Park Road North Brantford
King's Academy
123 Churchill Crescent St. Thomas
469 Merton St Toronto
Islamic Education Guidance Centre
Destiny Christian Academy
999 Sydenham Road Kingston
Pinehaven Christian School
41 Mackannas Road Warren
Liberty Prep School
162 Parliament Street Toronto
Mindwerx4kids Learning Centre
76 Anglesey Blvd. Etobicoke
Canadian Christian Academy
2275 Wellesley Ave Windsor
Kingsley Primary School
3962 Bloor Street West Toronto
Oakville Christian School
112 Third Line Oakville
Bishop Strachan School, The
298 Lonsdale Rd Toronto
Liberal High School
2820 14th Avenue Markham
Iqra Nejasni Islamic School
171 McCormack Street Toronto
Calvin Christian School
547 West 5th Street Hamilton
Wali ul Asr School
84 Simpson Road Rd Caledon
Country Casa Academy
15018 Highway 48 Stouffville
London Christian Elementary School
202 Clarke Road London
Timothy Christian School
28 Elmhurst Dr Rexdale
Al-Azhar Academy of Canada
2074 Kipling Ave Etobicoke
TBMS-Canada's International School
Goldhawk Trail Toronto
A21 Academy
8787 McHugh Windsor
J Addison School
2 Valleywood Drive Markham
Durham Elementary Private School
505 Adelaide Street East Oshawa
JNY Day School
465 Patricia Avenue Toronto
Resurrection Christian Academy
400 Speedvale Avenue E Guelph
Montessori Academy of London
711 Waterloo Street London
Eureka Montessori
13345 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Christadelphian Heritage College
522 Book Road East Ancaster
1485 Murphy Road 1 Ennismore
Nimbus Christian Education
11643 Trafalgar Road Georgetown
Road Less Travelled Academy
10585 Springs Camp Road Campbellcroft
Bayview Glen (Elementary)
275 Duncan Mill Road Toronto
Dunblaine School, The
21 Deloraine Ave Toronto
Montessori School of Milton Inc
336 Bronte Street S Milton
Hatch House Montessori
301 Byron Street South Whitby
Maranatha Christian Academy
939 Northwood Street Windsor
Newmarket Montessori & Christian Academy
1140 Gorham Street Newmarket
Community Life Christian School
140 Dawes Road Toronto
Victus Academy
35 Sportsworld Crossing Road Kitchener
Amish Parochial School #4
4852 Line 67 2 Milverton
Upper Canada College
200 Lonsdale Rd Toronto
Brookside Christian School
7800 County Road 131 Listowel
Heritage Christian Academy
79 Ardagh Rd Barrie
Amairah Private School (APS)
1625 Albion Road Etobicoke
The Clover School
585 Cranbrooke Avenue Toronto
Blake Academy
5171 Huntingfield Drive Mississauga
Wallaceburg Christian Private School
693 Albert Street Wallaceburg
Roots Private School
10195 Keele Street Maple
Holy Nation Christian School
1108 Greenwood Avenue Toronto
New Arising Christian School
69 Long Branch Avenue Etobicoke
Global Private School
209 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Shiloh Christian School
47334 Church Street 3 St. Thomas
Meezan School
286 Water Street Guelph
Tayyibah Islamic Academy Inc.
100 McLevin Avenue Scarborough
High Five Academy for Learning
611 Wanless Dr Brampton
Matthews Hall
1370 Oxford St W London
Headwater Hills Montessori School
21170 Hurontario Street Caledon
Vert Casa Montessori Academy
2723 St. Clair Avenue E Toronto
Guelph Montessori School
151 Waterloo Ave Guelph
Marlborough Academy
6408 Malakoff Rd North Gower
Lakeview Montessori School
13797 Riverside Dr E Tecumseh
Safa & Marwa Islamic School
5550 Mcadam Road Mississauga
Old Colony Christian School
7283 Hacienda Road 6 Aylmer
Immanuel Christian School
100-A Rossland Rd W Whitby
Tollgate Parochial
7173 Sideroad 2 5 Mount Forest
Jingbao Bilingual Montessori School
265 16th Avenue Richmond Hill
The Lighthouse Learning and Development
219 Old Yonge Street Aurora
Salaheddin Islamic School
741 Kennedy Road Scarborough
Newmarket & District Christian Academy
221 Carlson Drive Newmarket
The Rosedale Day School
131 Bloor Street West Toronto
Home Sweet Home Montessori Academy
2939 Old School road Caledon
Drewry Academy
24 Drewry Ave Toronto
Global Montessori Day Nursery & Priv.Ele
265 16th Avenue Richmond Hill
Or Haemet Sephardic School
7026 Bathurst St Thornhill
St Mildred's-Lightbourn School
1080 Linbrook Rd Oakville
Sudbury Christian Academy
1101 Regent Street South Sudbury
Muskoka Christian School
2483 Old Muskoka Rd Utterson
Scholars' Hall Private School
888 Trillium Dr Kitchener
I am Smart S-Cool!
160 Dudley Ave Thornhill
Applewood Academy and Daycare
333 Fairhill Avenue Brampton
Beaver Valley Parochial School
491769 Southgate Sideroad 49 1 Holstein
Mariyah Islamic School
3667 Lawrence Ave. East Ave Scarborough
London Waldorf School
7 Beaufort St London
Heritage Christian School
159 Colborne St W Lindsay
Wesley Christian Academy
22 Heritage Rd Markham
Fairview Amish School
52090 Chalet Line Aylmer
Olivet School
279 Burnhamthorpe Rd Etobicoke
WillowWood School
55 Scarsdale Road Toronto
Hidden Valley Amish Private School
37786 Belfast Road 2 Lucknow
Hawthorn School for Girls
101 Scarsdale Road Toronto
Northumberland Christian School
8861 Danforth East Road Cobourg
John Knox Christian School
2232 Sheridan Garden Drive Oakville
Quintilian Private School of Kingston
41 Baiden Street Kingston
Laurentian Hills Christian School
11 Laurentian Drive Kitchener
Autumn Hill Academy
9050 Dufferin Street Concord
Ottawa Islamic School
10 Coral Ave Nepean
Dayspring Christian School
172 Wilson Road Stirling
Guru Tegh Bahadur International School
180 Sandalwood Parkway East Brampton
Sarnia Islamic Academy
1609 London Line Sarnia
Rutherford Private School and Daycare
37 Jacob Keffer Parkway Concord
Mentor College Primary Campus
56 Cayuga Avenue Mississauga
Al-Qasim Academy
3482 Lawrence Ave East Scarborough
Turnbull School
1132 Fisher Avenue Ottawa
Beacon Christian Elementary School
300 Scott St St. Catharines
Grace Academy
23 Dover Street Otterville
Lakeview Christian School
74705 Bronson Line 1 Zurich
Saugeen Riverside Parochial School
044432 Southgate Road 04 1 Mount Forest
King Heights Academy
28 Roytec Road Woodbridge
London Community Hebrew Day School
536 Huron St London
Above and Beyond Learning Experience Inc
1220 Stellar Drive Newmarket
Al-Hidayah Academy Inc
65 Rexdale Blvd Toronto
Kennedy Montessori Private School
7781 Kennedy Rd Unionville
Maple Leaf Montessori School Inc
8142 Islington Ave Woodbridge
New Hope Baptist School
56675 Green Line Road Tillsonburg
Peoples Christian Academy
245 Renfrew Drive Markham
La Maison Montessori House
1205 Stellar Dr. Newmarket
North Woolwich Parochial School
4194 Arthur St N 1 Elmira
Richmond Hill Montessori Private School
189 Weldrick Road East Richmond Hill
Acheron College (Grand Valley)
1575 Homer Watson Blvd. Kitchener
ISM Elementary School
2900 Denison Street Markham
Neustadt Horizon Parochial School
32226 Ayton
Glencedar Montessori Private School
11 SONOMA BLVD Woodbridge
Meadow Cress School
55 Forest Street Chatham
Brackendale Montessori
Century Private School
11181 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Glebe Montessori School
650 Lyon St South Ottawa
Sterling Education - Rideau Lakes
64 Harry Seeley Street Elgin
Applewood Academy
72 Orchard Drive Belleville
Hitherfield School
2439 Tenth Side Road Campbellville
Brampton Christian School
12480 Hutchinson Farm Lane Caledon
Sunshine Montessori School
10 Boniface Avenue Kitchener
JIC School
2380 Tedlo Street Mississauga
Kitchener Waterloo Bilingual School
600 Erb Street West Waterloo
Summit Micro School
291 Jane Street Toronto
AIS School
351 Ferrier Street Markham
Greenwood College School
443 Mount Pleasant Rd Toronto
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy
2483 BLEAMS RD New Hamburg
Four Corners Amish School
11115 Carter Road Aylmer
Matrix Academy
121 Limestone Crescent Toronto
Ridley College
#2 Ridley Road St. Catharines
Trinity Christian School
2170 Itabashi Way Burlington
Sterling North Campus - Hamilton Site
890 Harrington Crt Burlington
Winfield Parochial School
7479 Sixth Line 2 Drayton
Fairview Amish Private School
37639 Belgrove Road 2 Lucknow
Lakeside Parochial School
2 Bay Street Charlton
Lynn-Rose College
7310 Rapistan Crt. Mississauga
Trenton Christian
340 Second Dug Hill Rd 4 Trenton
Issachar Christian Academy
235-B Albert Avenue North Bay
AIS Elementary School (Aurora International)
250 Ferrier Street Markham
Canadian STEM School
472 Brownridge Drive Street Vaughan
Sir Frederick Banting International School
21 Coventry Road Brampton
Manor Montessori School
909 Mount Pleasant Rd Toronto
Rock of Help Christian Academy
43 Fox St Essex
UMC North York Centre
288 Cummer Avenue Toronto
Academia Stella Maris
45 des Benevoles Street Limoges
South Point Christian School
1947 Fox Run Road 4 Leamington
Foundations Montessori School
265 Wilson Street East Ancaster
Hamilton Downtown Islamic School
221 York Boulevard Hamilton
Belleville District Christian School
18 Christian School Road RR5 Belleville
Walden International School
1030 Queen Street West Brampton
Woodland Springs Parochial School
044037 Southgate Road 4 1 Mount Forest
No. 1 Chinese School
212 Hillsview Drive Richmond Hill
Summit College - Hamilton
1119 Fennell Avenue East Hamilton
Abelard Centre for Education, The
557 Church Street Toronto
South Belmore Parochial School
42634 Glenannon Road 2 Wingham
Riverbend Academy
2436 Gideon Drive Delaware
Amish Parochial School #2
4036 Line 76 1 Newton
Discovering Minds Montessori Preschool
828 Richmond Street West Toronto
Maple Drive Parochial
6784 First Line W Elora
Glen Briar Academy
210 Wilson Avenue Toronto
Farewell Parochial School
9173 Concession 11 Mount Forest
Brighter Dewey Online School
125 Wellington Street Bracebridge
Oakwood Academy
2150 Torquay Mews Mississauga
Umu Khalid Islamic School
2628 Islington Avenue Etobicoke
240 The Donway West Toronto
Mount Sinai Education
4180 Duke of York Boulevard Mississauga
Fordyce Parochial School
38571 Belfast Road 3 Wingham
Netivot Hatorah Day School
18 Atkinson Ave Thornhill
MacLachlan College
337 Trafalgar Road Oakville
Listowel Christian School
305 Binning Street W Listowel
Portlock Parochial School
250 Gordon Lake Road 2 Desbarats
Ahmadiyya Elementary School
1194 Matheson Blvd East Mississauga
Kingston Christian School
1212 Woodbine Rd Kingston
Princeton Academy of Canada
2850 John Street Markham
The York School
1639 Yonge Street Toronto
Elmwood School
261 Buena Vista Rd Ottawa
Abacus Montessori & Private School
Guelph Community Christian School
195 College Ave West Guelph
Yeshiva Yesodei Hatorah
77 Glen Rush Blvd Toronto
West Amish School
52141 Glencolin Line Aylmer
John Knox Christian School
4738 Confederation Line Wyoming
Milton Christian School
45 Bruce Street Milton
Unique Chinese School - 1
4271 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough
Hope Academy
4316 Ebenezer Road Brampton
Ummati Learning Center
205 County Court Boulevard Brampton
One Forest
3328 King Street East Kitchener
The Mabin School
50 Poplar Plains Road Toronto
Wellington Hall Academy
J9-5420 Highway 6 Guelph
Corinth Christian School
54519 Eden Line Aylmer
Heritage Academy
207 Bayswater Avenue Ottawa
Children's Garden Junior School
670 Eglinton Ave E Toronto
Fern Hill
3300 Ninth Line Oakville
Pickering Christian School
162 Rossland Rd East Ajax
Bronston Canadian Academy
2 Webber Avenue Hamilton
Rowntree Montessori Schools
3 Sunforest Drive Brampton
Gradale Academy
159 Roxborough Drive Toronto
Harwood Montessori School Inc
23 Church St S Ajax
Cambridge Christian Elementary School
229 Myers Rd Cambridge
Dewey Institute
125 Wellington Street Bracebridge
North Valley Parochial School
950205 Hwy 569 2 Thornloe
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate Inc
110 DOON RD Kitchener
White Oaks Montessori School
1200 Vanier Drive Mississauga
Heritage International School
411 Gordon Baker Road North York
Langside Parochial
479 Longside Street 5 Lucknow
Edelweiss Private Academy
31 Nadolny Sachs Private Private Ottawa
Westminster Classical Christian Academy
9 Hewitt Avenue Toronto
Sherwood Heights School
3650 Platinum Dr Mississauga
The Leo Baeck Day School
501 Arlington Avenue Toronto
Mapleton Meadow Parochial School
8249 Wellington Road 86 3 Listowel
Amish Parochial School #3
4286 Line 67 1 Milverton
John Calvin Private School
320 Station Street Smithville
Sonrise Christian Academy
58 Johnson St Picton
Wishing Well Montessori Schools
455 Cochrane Dr Markham
Hudson College
21 Ascot Ave Toronto
Songbirds Montessori School
2 Fisherman Drive Brampton
St Clement's School
21 St. Clements Ave Toronto
University of Toronto Schools
30 HUMBERT Street Toronto
Braemar House School
36 Baxter St Brantford
Middlebrook Parochial School
6534 8th Line W 1 Elora
Immanuel Christian School
75 Caverly Rd Aylmer
Attercliffe Canadian Reformed Elementary
85785 Canborough Rd RR 1 Dunnville
Kanata Academy
180 Huntmar Drive Ottawa
Northumberland Montessori School Inc.
8681 Danforth Road West RR#6 Cobourg
Muskoka Montessori School
228 Chub Lake Rd Huntsville
Aishah Siddiqah Academy
3735 King Street Windsor
International School of Prodigies Prepar
2250 Bovaird Drive East Brampton
Wildwood Parochial School
512 Sideroad 5 3 Paisley
Amish Parochial School #7
129 Perth Road Newton
Elmira North Parochial School
1560 Tilman Road 1 Elmira
Kleinburg Christian School
6950 Nashville Rd Kleinburg
Canada Knowledge Academy
4400 Boundary Road Ottawa
Maranatha Christian School
8037 Wellington Rd 19 Fergus
Royal St George's College
120 Howland Ave Toronto
Lote tree Foundation
291 Great Lakes Drive Brampton
Faithway Baptist Church School
1964 Salem Rd Ajax
Cornerstone Christian School
108 FOREST ST Guelph
Children's Urban Enrichment Studio
2986 Lakeshore Boulevard West Toronto
Dunnville Christian Private Elementary
37 Robinson Rd RR 1 Dunnville
Havergal College
1451 Avenue Rd Toronto
Sunrise Montessori School
180 Amber St Markham
Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts
108 PARK ST. WEST Dundas
Our Lady of the Wayside Catholic School
575 Centre Line 4 Peterborough
MindTech Academic Schools, Inc
1 Dickson Hill Rd Markham
Insight Academy of Canada
1039 McNicoll Avenue Toronto
Kehila Jewish Community Day School
215 Cline Ave N Hamilton
Elm Creek Parochial School
8410 Concession 3 Listowel
Thornton Academy
4073 4th Line Cookstown
Timothy Christian School
1735 4th Ave W Owen Sound
Georgian Heights School
726022 Sideroad 22B Meaford
Timothy Christian School
750 Essa Rd Barrie
Aurora Preparatory Academy
81 Industrial Parkway North Aurora
Protestant Reformed School in Wingham
292 Edward Street Wingham
Stratford District Christian School
190 Queensland Rd Stratford
St. Thomas of Villanova College School
2480 15th Sideroad King City
Royal Oak Community School
176 Wellington Street Niagara-on-the-lake
Montessori School of Kleinburg
10515 27 Highway Kleinburg
Meadow Green Academy - Lakeshore
1884 Lakeshore Road West Mississauga
Blyth Academy Ottawa
352 Danforth Avenue Ottawa
Alliston Community Christian School
4428 Adjala-Tecumseth Townline Alliston
Aspiration Academy
60 Riviera Drive Markham
Virgil Old Colony Christian School
565 East West Line Niagara-on-the-lake
The Toronto French School - Mississauga
1293 Meredith Avenue Mississauga
Tarbiyah Learning
3990 Old Richmond Rd Road Nepean
Riverside Parochial School
401 Pappin Rd 1 Beachburg
Harvest Preparatory Academy
192 King Street West Prescott
The St. Lawrence Academy
560 Edward Street South Prescott
Beacon House International College
3050 Confederation Parkway Mississauga
Lycée Claudel
1635 Riverside Drive Ottawa
Amish Parochial School #5
6327 Road 116 1 Milverton
Little Owl Preschool Elementary
99A Sheppard Avenue W North York
Shiridi Sai School of Canada
2701 Markham Road Scarborough
Columbus Private School
3285 Simcoe Street North Oshawa
Ottawa Jewish Community School
Behaviour Innovations, Children's College
618 The Queensway Toronto
Birchwood Christian School
315 Hoey Road Dryden
Woodstock Christian School
800 Juliana Drive Woodstock
Mulberry Waldorf School
25 Markland St Kingston
New Haven Learning Centre
301 Lanor Ave Etobicoke
Bannockburn School
12 Bannockburn Ave Toronto
Northmount School
26 Mallard Rd Toronto
The Sterling Hall School
99 Cartwright Ave Toronto
Polaris School and Centre
225 Donald Street Ottawa
Seerah Mission School
43 Railside Road Toronto
Arthur Christian School
161 Eliza Street Arthur
Canada Christian Academy
22 Abbey Road Brampton
Greenock Amish Parochial School
536 Brockton Side Road 30 5 Kincardine
Mindware Academy
Toronto West Academy
77 Bloor Street West Toronto
Sathya Sai School, Toronto, Canada
451 Ellesmere Rd Toronto
Glad Tidings Christian School
54 Park St Tara
Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School
30 Scarsdale Rd Toronto
Plattsville Christian Private Elementary
19 Albert St Plattsville
1085 Grenon Ave Ottawa
Maranatha Christian Academy
395 North Park Dr Brampton
Old Colony Christian Academy- Kingsville
1521 Road 4 West Kingsville
Islamic Foundation School
441 Nugget Ave Scarborough
Meadow Green Academy
649 The Queensway W Mississauga
Star Academy
1587 Cormack Crescent Mississauga
Oak Creek Parochial School
73 Huron Kincardine East Ripley
Maryvale Academy of Ottawa
2191 Benjamin Avenue Ottawa
St. Thomas Community Christian School
77 Fairview Ave St. Thomas
Summit College - St. Catharines
20 Hartzel Road St. Catharines
Bialik Hebrew Day School
2760 Bathurst St Toronto
London Christian Academy
85 Charles St London
Friendship Amish School
52504 Glencolin Line Aylmer
Credo Christian School
8620 Huntington Rd Woodbridge
Khairul Ummah School
25 Civic Road Scarborough
Blyth Academy @ CIHA
8710 County Road 17 Rockland
Académie de la Capitale
1010 Morrison Drive Ottawa
Turnberry Parochial School
89913 Powell Line 1 Wingham
As-Sadiq Islamic
9000 Bathurst St Thornhill
Toronto Heschel School, The
819 Sheppard Ave W Toronto
Simcoe School for Innovative Education
4073 4th Line Cookstown
Thaler's Amish Parochial School
217 Concession 14 Brockton East 1 Chesley
Kendalwood Montessori
104 Consumers Drive Whitby
Cedar Grove Christian Day School
4831 Deborah-Glaister Line Wellesley
Sandy Lake Christian School
RR1, Site 7A Keewatin
Eitz Chaim Schools - Patricia School
475 Patricia Ave Toronto
Heritage Community Christian School
7463 County Road 28 Addison
Jehovah Jireh Christian School
20554 Hurontario Street Caledon
Gusty Parochial School
829 Concession Road 6 Arran-Elderslie Paisley
JEI Learning Center - Greensborough
10 Greensborough Village Circle Markham
Bright Start Academy
318 4630 Dufferin Street North York
Peel Adventist School
2626 Mayfield Rd Caledon
Gowanstown Old Colony Mennonite Christian School
8727 Road 164 Gowanstown
Unionville Montessori School
4486 16th Avenue Unionville
Whitefield Christian Schools
5808 Finch Ave E Scarborough
High Park Gardens Montessori School
35 High Park Gardens Toronto
Al-Iman School
253 Summerlea Rd Brampton
Summit College - Cambridge
1425 Bishop Street North Cambridge
Lynedoch Christian School
295 Charlton Street Delhi
Higher Marks Educational Institute
87 Thornmount Drive Scarborough
At Last Forest School Kincardine
699 Huron Tarrace Kincardine
Everest Academy
130 Racco Parkway Thornhill
John Knox Memorial Christian School
795 Highway 8 Stoney Creek
UMCA Rich Tree Academy
130 Racco Parkway Thornhill
Balsam Grove Parochial
2542 Northfield Drive East 2 Elmira
Brock Academy
92 Main Street St. Catharines
Eben-Ezer Christian School
485 McNaughton Ave E Chatham
Cobden Corner's Parchial School
98 Snake River Line Cobden
Olive Grove School
2300 Speakman Dr Mississauga
Bais Chaya Mushka
4375 Chesswood Drive Toronto
Chatham Christian
475 Keil Dr S Chatham
Voice Integrative Private School
50 Gristmill Lane Toronto
Kenilworth Krest Parochial School
7240 Sideroad 6 5 Mount Forest
Country Garden Montessori Academy
601 Newpark Blvd Newmarket
Cornerstone Christian School
1298 Lisbon Road Wellesley
King's College School
16379 The Gore Road Caledon
Noon Academy
12 Rutherford Road Brampton
ABC Montessori Private School
305 Matheson Boulevard East Mississauga
Bkejwanong Kinomaagewgamig
521 Tecumseh Road Wallaceburg
Academy for Gifted Children, The (PACE)
12 Bond Cres Richmond Hill
Calvary Christian Academy
9749 15 Hwy RR 6 Smiths Falls
Blytheswood Community Christian School
735 Mersea Road 8 Leamington
Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto
252 Finch Ave W Toronto
Northstar Montessori Private School
4900 Tomken Rd Mississauga
The Study
20 Glebe Road East Toronto
Stirling Montessori Academy Inc
123 Main Street East Milton
Riverside Christian Montessori School
3 Front Street South York
Trafalgar Ridge Montessori School
2379 Trafalgar Rd Oakville
Infinity School
115 Askin St London
Rhema Christian School
29 COUNTY RD 4 Peterborough
Yeshiva Bnei Zion of Toronto
44 Champlain Blvd. Toronto
Avalon Children's Montessori School
2181 Queen Street East Toronto
Cedar Valley School
19767 County Road 43 Alexandria
Donegal Community Christian School
7021 Perth Rd 147 2 Atwood
Lynn-Rose Heights Private School - Elementary
7215 Millcreek Dr Mississauga
Canada Benson Academy
1556 Wyandotte St W Windsor
Montessori Jewish Day School
55 Yeomans Rd Toronto
St. Helen's Parochial School
37337 Belfast Road 2 Lucknow
Unique Chinese School - 2
3143 Sheppard Avenue East Scarborough
Convoy International Secondary Academy
7191 Yonge Street Thornhill
Cedar Heights Parochial School
1323 Heights Rd 3 Lindsay
Maple Leaf Montessori School
430 King Street Niagara-on-the-lake
Royal City Baptist Academy
Woodland Corners Parochial School
5334 13th Line 4 Harriston
Elora Road Christian School
5696 Wellington Rd 7 RR 5 Guelph
Blue Whale Children's Centre
579 Parkdale Avenue Ottawa
Adventist Christian Elementary School
Shiloh Christian Institute
4316 Ebenezer Road Brampton
The Montessori Country School-Nobleton
6185 15th Sideroad Nobleton
Ahlul Bayt Islamic School
200 Baribeau St Ottawa
IQRA Islamic School
5751 Coopers Ave Mississauga
True North Christian Academy
707 Old Goulais Bay Road Sault Ste. Marie
At Last Forest School - Saugeen Valley
301820 Concession 2 SDR Hanover
Brooklin Mill Montessori School Inc
23-25 Cassels Rd E Brooklin
Islamic Institute Al-Rashid
18345 COUNTY RD 2 RR1 Cornwall
Rotherglen School - Oakville Elementary
2050 Neyagawa Boulevard Oakville
Yeshivas Nachalas ZVI
475 Lawrence Ave W Toronto
Rehoboth Christian School
198 Inksetter Road Copetown
Islamic Institute of Toronto Academy
1630 NEILSON RD Scarborough
Ottawa Victory Christian Academy
1080B St. Pierre Street Orleans
Byron Woods Montessori
1468 Commissionsers Road West London
Streetsville Academy Elementary School
6535 Millcreek Dr Mississauga
Howick Maples Parochial School
87852 Fordwich Line 2 Gorrie
Bishop Hamilton Montessori School
2199 Regency Terrace Dr Ottawa
Spruce Vale Parochial School
8276 14th Concession 1 Moorefield
Arrowsmith School
245 St Clair Ave W Toronto
Fern Hill School
50 Vaughan Street Ottawa
Kendelhurst Academy
170 Church Street Mississauga
Heritage Lane Parochial School
412056 Soughtgate Sideroad 41 Holstein
Tamarack West Outdoor School
2264 Bloor Street West Toronto
Lutherwood Parochial School
8476 Wellington Rd 16 2 Arthur
USCA Academy
170 Robert Speck Parkway Mississauga
Cathedral Christian Academy
1111 Arrow Rd Toronto
T.E.A.M. School
275 Rudar Rd Mississauga
William Academy
135 King Street West Cobourg
Astolot Education Centre
1187 Bank St Ottawa
First Lutheran Christian Academy
3850 Locke St Windsor
Crescent School, The
2365 Bayview Ave Toronto
West Hesson Parochial School
4303 Line 83 4 Listowel
Agincourt Montessori School Inc
2575 Midland Ave Toronto
Link On Learning
665 Davis Drive Newmarket
Little Country School, The
6517 Wellington County Road 34 2 Cambridge
Académie Ste Cécile International
925 Cousineau Rd Windsor
Crawford Adventist Academy (East Campus)
Richland Academy
11570 Yonge St Richmond Hill
Westfield Secondary School
160 Commerce Valley Drive East Markham
KNB Learning
3 Ringway Crescent Etobicoke
Minto Meadow Parochial School
6497 Tenth Line 1 Harriston
Elite Performance Academy
870 Taunton Road West Oshawa
Three Fishes Christian Elementary School
1160 Bellamy Rd N Toronto
The Mississauga Children Montessori
2980 Crosscurrent Dr Mississauga
Niagara Academy
3373 First Ave Vineland
Missing Links Academy
2317 FAIRVIEW ST Burlington
St. Jude's Academy
2150 Torquay Mews Mississauga
Canaan Global Academy
32 Kern Road North York
Old Colony Christian Academy Cottam Campus
294 County Road 34 East Ruthven
Wheatley School of Montessori Education
497 Scott Street St. Catharines
Bayview Glen
85 Moatfield Dr Toronto
Alive Christian Academy International
1360 Birchmount Road Scarborough
Toronto Cheder, The
3995 Bathurst St Toronto
Al-Falah Islamic
391 Burnhamthorpe Rd E Oakville
Stratford Middle Years School
35 WATERLOO ST Stratford
Claremont School, The
70 Silver Birch AVE Toronto
Maple Grove Parochial School
85389 St. Augustine Line N06 2H0 2 Lucknow
Goodwin Learning Centre
149 English Settlement Rd Trenton
École Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel
40 COBOURG ST Ottawa
Malvern Montessori School
10 Sewells Rd Scarborough
Old Colony Christian Academy
21311 Campbell Road 1 Wheatley
Quantum Academy
9555 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Northside Christian School
6020 North Perth Listowel
Calton Christian School
6732 Richmond Road Aylmer
Cedarvale Christian School
5405 11th Line Harriston
Vaughan Baptist Christian Academy
8286 Islington Avenue Woodbridge
Fulford Academy
280 King Street East Brockville
Ambassadors Christian School
2031 Stittsville Main St Stittsville
Blyth Academy Mississauga - Cawthra
1507 Cawthra Road Mississauga
Pine Lake Montessori School
255 Sheppard Avenue West Toronto
Delores D. Echum Composite
28 Amisk St Moose Factory
Ethnos Academy
313363 Highway 6 South St Durham
Z3 Education Centre
1200 Markham M1H 2Y9 Scarborough
Parkside Academy
1071 Midland Avenue Scarborough
Clifford Amish Parochial #2
5691 Minto Line 14 4 Harriston
Floradale Parochial School
2490 Floradale Road 1 Elmira
Delano Academy
200 Racco Parkway Vaughan
Montcrest School
4 Montcrest Blvd. Toronto
At Last Forest School - Owen Sound
72 2nd Avenue East Owen Sound
Fern Hill - Burlington
801 North Service Road Burlington
Summit College - Kitchener
1500 Weber Street East Kitchener
King's College Preparatory School Canada
40 Carl Hall Road Toronto
Pelham's Forest Fellowship
1710 Maple Street Fenwick
Riverforest Montessori School
1595 3RD AVE W Owen Sound
The Ambassadors of God Academy
807 Arrow Road North York
Alfajrul Bassem Academy
2225 Erin Mills Parkway Mississauga
AIM KW School
435 King Street North Waterloo
Toronto Prep School
Goldstone Parochial School
7205 Sideroad 19 2 Alma
Lindale Parochial School
5545 Ament Line 1 Linwood
BrightMinds Online School
8920 Woodbine Avenue Markham
Trafalgar Castle School
401 Reynolds St Whitby
5100 Howard Ave Windsor
St. Timothy's Classical Academy
1601 Pinecrest Rd. Ottawa
Al Furqan School
2825 DuMaurier Avenue Ottawa
Canada's National Ballet
400 Jarvis St Toronto
Oxford Learning Academy
741 Main Street East Milton
St Andrew's College
15800 Yonge St. Aurora
Wingham Baptist Church School
35 John W Wingham
Providence Christian School
542 Ofield Road North Dundas
Alive Montessori & Private School
2 Wembley Road Toronto
Al-Ameen Elementary School
389 Main Street North Brampton
Hope Reformed Christian School
331 German School Road Paris
Capital International Academy School
1415 Woodroffe Ave Ottawa
Dresden Private Mennonite School
10923 CountryView Line Dresden
Keystone Montessori School
133 James Street East Orillia
Whitby Montessori & Elementary School
95 Taunton Road East Whitby
Rocky Ridge Parochial
442 Boundary Road 1 Bruce Mines
Thornhill Amish Private School
Side Road 5 1 Chesley
Free Spirit Forest and Nature School
879 Sixth Street Collingwood
Maria Montessori School Inc.
125 Brentcliffe Road Toronto
Pickering College
16945 Bayview Ave Newmarket
Bridge International School
170 Robert Speck Parkway Mississauga
Branksome Hall
10 Elm Ave Toronto
Nature School and Education Centre
4410 Cave Springs Road Beamsville
The York School
1320 Yonge St Toronto
Fieldstone Day School
2999 Dufferin St Toronto
Parkdale Montessori School
555B Parkdale Avenue Ottawa
Niagara Christian Collegiate Middle School
2619 Niagara Parkway Fort Erie
Makki Islamic Learning Centre
8450 TORBRAM RD Brampton
Fernbank Parochial School
7452 Perth Road 121 1 Newton
Aims High School
284 Queen Street East Brampton
Living Hope Christian School
1045 Garth ST Hamilton
King's Town Private School
66 RIDEAU ST Kingston
Discovery Academy Inc
10030 Yonge St Richmond Hill
C.E. Academy
155 Queen Street East Mississauga
Wali ul Asr School -GTA West Campus
7580 Kennedy Road Brampton
Howlett Academy
15 Madison Ave Toronto
De La Salle College
131 FARNHAM AVE Toronto
CWS Canadian World Schools
10087 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Maingate Islamic Academy
5280 Maingate Drive Mississauga
MAC Al-Furqan School
60 Town Centre Court Toronto
Aurora Montessori School
330 Industrial Parkway N Aurora
Canadian Top Science Academy
10255 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
The Prestige School -Richmond Hill
11 Headdon Gate Richmond Hill
Shoore Academics
801 Eglinton Ave W Toronto
Yorkdale Academy
505 Hood Road Markham
Holy Trinity School
11300 Bayview Ave Richmond Hill
Queens Gate Academy
255 Queen Street East Brampton
Zareinu Educational Centre of Metropolit
36 Atkinson Avenue Thornhill
Gobind Sarvar Brampton
187 Deerhurst Drive Brampton
Metropolitan Bible Baptist Christian Academy
53 Madawaska Avenue Toronto
Ottawa Montessori School/Ecole Montessor
335 Lindsay Street Ottawa
Prairie View School
36642 Belfast Road 7 Lucknow
Scriven Christian Academy
184 Toronto Rd RR 1 Port Hope
MAC Niagara Islamic School
140 Haig Street St. Catharines
At Last Forest School- Farm School
241063 Concession 3 Kepper 3 Owen Sound
Dewey College
5889 Coopers Avenue Mississauga
Strata Montessori Adolescent School
575 Lions Club Road Ancaster
Eagles' Nest Christian Academy
60 St. Paul Street W St. Catharines
Windsor Adventist Elementary School
5350 Haig Ave Windsor
Bnos Chaya
4116 Bathurst Street Toronto
St. Peter's A.C.H.S. College School
6101 County Rd 20 5 Harrow
Early Years Education System
3000 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto
New Covenant Church School
1800 Ellesmere Rd Toronto
Pleasant View Parochial School
4969 Line 80 4 Listowel
Agate Private School
43 Chaplin Ave St. Catharines
Stone Haven Parochial School
643 McNulty Road 2 Renfrew
Internationnal School of Cambridge
1550 Dunbar Rd Cambridge
Central Montessori Schools
157 Willowdale Ave Toronto
Day Day Up Learning Centre
883 16th Avenue Richmond Hill
Newton's Grove School
6850 Goreway Drive Mississauga
Summit College - Guelph
5420 5420 Hwy 6 North Street Guelph
Dora Education Centre
3333 Bayview Avenue Toronto
Cedar Echo Parochial School
299 BRUCE ROAD 11 3 Chesley
Duowei Education Centre
245 West Beaver Creek Road Richmond Hill
Church of God Christian
751 John Street N Aylmer
The Country Day School
13415 Dufferin St King City
Emmanuel Christian Academy
32 Wellington Street Madoc
Rock Community Christian
249 Clarence Street Woodbridge
Nile Academy Blue Haven Campus
5 Blue Haven Crescent Toronto
Academy of New Echo Education
1041 McNicoll Avenue Scarborough
Kawartha Classical Christian School
306 Braidwood Avenue Peterborough
Metropolitan Preparatory Academy
1 Duncan Mill Road Toronto
Amish Parochial School #8
7023 Road 136 1 Newton
Deutsche Schule Toronto
980 Dufferin Toronto
Whitechurch Christian Day School
201 Whitechurch Street Lucknow
Ottawa Adventist Elementary School
2191 Benjamin Ave Ottawa
St. Clement's Early Learning
70 St. Clements Avenue Toronto
JEI Learning Center
1650 Elgin Mills Road Richmond Hill
The K-W Montessori School Inc.
527 Bridgeport Road East Kitchener
WONDERfield: for Charlotte Mason education
89 Queen Street Kingsville
Canadians Private School
6373 Yonge Street Toronto
College Park Elementary School
220 Townline Rd. N. Oshawa
Enquiring Minds Montessori School
24 Progress Avenue Toronto
The Laurel School
44 Upjohn Road Toronto
Toronto Waldorf School
9100 Bathurst St Thornhill
Dearcroft Montessori School
1167 LAKESHORE RD E Oakville
Owen Sound Canadian Reformed School
177551 Concession Road 5 Owen Sound
Islamic Foundation School - Durham
2944 Audley Road North Ajax
Pure Degree Mandarin School
2760 Victoria Park Avenue Toronto
Albert College
160 Dundas St W Belleville
Willowdale Christian School
60 Hilda Ave North York
Shekinah Christian School
410 Sideroad 20 North Mildmay
Strathroy Community Christian
7880 Walkers Dr Strathroy
Stirton Parochial School
7939 Eighth Line Drayton
Mindview Academy Site
2900 Steeles Ave East Thornhill
South Bend Parochial School
391486 Grey Road 109 3 Mount Forest
Tawingo College
1844 Ravenscliffe Rd Huntsville
TMS School - Bayview
8569 Bayview Avenue Richmond Hill
The Prestige School -Toronto
21 Eddfield Avenue Toronto
North Toronto Christian School
255 Yorkland Blvd Toronto
Ellington Montessori School
40 Cowdray Court Scarborough
Belleville Montessori School
28 ORIOLE PARK AVE Belleville
Community Christian School
2681 Glen Street Metcalfe
Dundas Valley Montessori School
14 Kemp Drive Dundas
Hamilton Hebrew Academy Zichron Meir
60 Dow Avenue Hamilton
Cedar Ridge High School
275 Michael Cowpland Drive Kanata
The Oxford School
595459 Hwy 59 Woodstock
Clanmore Montessori School
2463 Lakeshore Rd E Oakville
Trillium School
4277 14th Ave Markham
Jarvis District Christian School
149 Talbot St. East Jarvis
Canadian Top Science Academy
10255 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Al Haadi (9828770 Canada Institute)
690 Progress Avenue Scarborough
Haven International School
360 Colborne Street Brantford
The Mildenhall School
35 OURLAND AVE Etobicoke
Darul Arqam Islamic Academy
585 Trethewey Drive North York
Huron Christian School
87 Percival Street Clinton
Central Baptist Academy
300 Fairview Dr Brantford
Great Moose Adventures
1368 Housey's Rapids Road Gravenhurst
Waldorf Academy
250 Madison Ave Toronto
Wells Academy
505 Hood Road Markham
Maranatha Christian Day School
31 John St Drayton
Bellstone Christian School
6025 White Church Road Mount Hope
Peel Montessori School
964 Meadow Wood Rd Mississauga
Taddle Creek Montessori School
39 SPADINA RD Toronto
Grandview Adventist Academy
3975 6 Hwy Mount Hope
Fair Haven Christian Day School
4184 Line 61 R.R.#1 Milverton
Noori Islamic Institute
100 Rexdale Blvd Etobicoke
Grace Christian School
497 Millgrove Side Road Millgrove
One Care Academy
32 Elgin St E Oshawa
Aoguan Prestige School
2171 Dunwin Drive Mississauga
Richmond Hill Christian Academy
9711 Bayview Ave Richmond Hill
Lodestar Montessori School
265 Maple Street Bracebridge
Junior Academy, The
2454 Bayview Avenue Toronto
Trail Ridge Montessori School
18 Elizabeth St Grimsby
École lbn Batouta
6479 Russell Road Ottawa
Astrum Academy
10201 Yonge Street Richmond Hill
Sarnia Christian School
1273 Exmouth Street Sarnia
Hillfield Strathallan College
299 Fennell Ave W Hamilton
Arrowsmith School Peterborough
366 Parkhill Road East Peterborough
North Shore Parochial
4373 Government Road 2 Desbarats
Montessori Leaders School
20 RED MAPLE DR Brampton
Queenswood High School
1090 Peter Robertson Boulevard Brampton
Carmel New Church School
40 Chapel Hill Dr Kitchener
Clarke Christian Montessori Academy
24 Alexander St Brampton
Mississauga Christian French School
1245 Eglinton Avenue West Mississauga
Sidney Ledson Institute - North York
220 Duncan Mill Road North York
Mentor College
40 Forest Ave Mississauga
Tarbiyah Elementary School
89 Ontario Street North Milton
American Islamic School
2010 Winston Park Drive Oakville
GlenOak Academy
1516 Clarkson Road North Mississauga
Four Winds Montessori School Inc.
116 Church St Bowmanville
Humberside Montessori School
121 Kennedy Ave Toronto
TMS School - Elgin Mills
500 Elgin Mills Road E. Richmond Hill
Mount Salem Christian School
6576 Springfield Road 6 Aylmer
St. Laurent Academy Inc
641 Sladen Avenue Ottawa
YMCA Academy
15 Breadalbane Street Toronto
Madinah Islamic School
1015 Danforth Avenue Toronto
Wildwood Academy
2250 Sheridan Garden Dr Oakville
Brantford Christian School
30 Clara Crescent Cres Brantford
La Citadelle International Academy
36 Scarsdale Rd North York
I.R. Churchill Elementary
2040 Walsh Street East Thunder Bay
Bond Academy
1500 Birchmount Road Toronto
Al-Mahdi School
8333 Willoughby Drive Niagara Falls
Montessori Learning Centre
401 Kingston Rd Pickering
Seneca Hill Private School
33 Overland Dr North York
Canstem Education Private School
30 Rambler Drive Brampton
St. Mary Secondary School
9030 Leslie Street Richmond Hill
Salem Valley Parochial School
42609 Salem Road 1 Wingham
Madinatul Uloom Academy - Scarborough
700 Progress Avenue Toronto
Chisholm Academy
1484 Cornwall Rd Oakville
John Knox Christian
82 McLaughlin Rd S Brampton
Brooke Valley School
190 Seaborn Lane RR 4 RR#4 Perth
Somerset Academy
7700 Brimley Rd Markham
Glenlee Parochial School
6644 Minto Sixth Line 1 Harriston
A+ Academy of Advancement
2425 Eglinton Ave East Ave Toronto
Fairview Glen Montessori
3508 COMMERCE CRT Burlington
Pine Ridge Amish School
53500 Eden Line Aylmer
Ummati School
1423 Thornton Rd. N Oshawa
Creek Bank Parochial
1371 Grey Ox Avenue 5 Lucknow
Lakeshore School
2312 Princess Street Kingston
Canada International College
2347 Kennedy Rd Toronto
Oakbridge Academy
55 Franklin Blvd Cambridge
Timothy Canadian Reformed School
430 East 25th St Hamilton
Al Huda Elementary School
1135 Central Parkway, West Mississauga
Bais Yaakov Elementary School
15 Saranac Boulevard Toronto
Harvesters Christian School
9488 Westminster Drive London
Robbins Hebrew Academy
1700 Bathurst Street Toronto
Khalsa Community School
69 Maitland Street Brampton
Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day School
750 Spadina Ave Toronto
AI-Manarat Heights
2550 Argentia Road Mississauga
An-Noor Private School
1480 Janette Ave Windsor
Holy Name of Mary College School
2241 MISSISSAUGA RD Mississauga
March Academy Private School
325 Sandhill Rd, RR1 Kanata
Abu Huraira Center Academy
270 Yorkland Boulevard Toronto
St Michael's College School
1515 Bathurst St Toronto
KinderKollege Primary School
150 Central Park Dr Brampton
One Direction Academy
885 Don Mills Road Toronto
Ashbury College
362 Mariposa Ave Ottawa
Blyth Academy Downsview Park
75 Carl Hall Road Toronto
Guelph Outdoor Preschool Ltd.
5420 Highway 6 North Guelph
Niagara Centre Academy
4760 Epworth Circle Niagara Falls
Madresatul Banaat Almuslimaat
10 Vulcan St Etobicoke
North Hill Private School
9555 Weston Rd Woodbridge
True North Christian Academy
599 Government St. Dryden
ISNA Islamic School
1525 Sherway Dr Mississauga
Trinity Montessori School
9211 Woodbine Ave Markham
Académie Providence Soeurs Antonines
998 Frances rue Ottawa
Leahurst College
4 Cataraqui Street Kingston
Orangeville Christian School
553281 County Rd 16 Orangeville
Dalton School, The
906 Yonge Street Toronto
Covenant Christian School
7 Howard Ave. London
Halton Hills Christian School
11643 Trafalgar Road Georgetown
Fellowship Christian School
1780 Glasgow St Kitchener
Clearview Parochial
2447 Three Bridges Road 4 Elmira
Academy of Learning College
1469 PRINCESS ST Kingston
Tayba Islamic Academy
619 Wild Ginger Avenue Waterloo
Glenn Arbour Academy
5051 Mainway Burlington
Oakwood Village Montessori School
473 Oakwood Avenue Toronto
280 Culford Road Toronto
Kew Park Montessori Day School
79 Hiawatha Rd Toronto
Phoenix Montessori School Inc
2 Station ROAD Etobicoke
Gregory School for Exceptional Learning
1249 Colborne Street West 4 Brantford
Maple Crest Early School Ltd.
49 Highway 20 West Fonthill
Wychwood School
611 St. Clair Avenue West Toronto
Colin MacDonald Alternative School
1570 Main Street West Hamilton
Living Gospel Mission School
8277 Plank Road South 1 Straffordville
Upper York School
2832 16th Avenue Markham
Pine Mountain
880 South Kinloss Avenue 5 Lucknow
Innova Academy
1000 Gorham Street Newmarket
Arts and Science Academy of Canada
7 Bradwick Drive Vaughan
Revel Academy
1550 Laperriere Avenue Ottawa
Blaisdale Montessori
415 Toynevale Rd Pickering
East Heidelberg Parochial School
1316 Martin Creek Road 3 Waterloo
Blue Sky School
95 Denzil Doyle Court Ottawa
Al Azhar Islamic School
100 McLevin Ave Scarborough
Blyth Academy Whitby Middle School
114 Dundas Street East Whitby
South Shore Christian School
475 Bevel Line Road Leamington
Community Christian School
35 High Street Drayton
Eben-ezer Christian School
4160 Fly Road Campden
Adelfiha's Christian Academy
4340 Dufferin St Toronto
Kanata Montessori Private School
355 Michael Cowpland Dr Kanata
Children's House Montessori, The
16150 Old Simcoe Rd Port Perry
Darul-Uloom Canada - Chatham
51 PRINCE ST N Chatham
Ellesmere Montessori School Inc
37 Marchington Circle Scarborough
Macdonald-Cartier Academy
270 Crichton St Ottawa
Welland Christian Academy
109 Chaffey Street Welland
Magnificent Minds
37 Southbourne Avenue Toronto
Lyonsgate Montessori School
248 Locke Street South Hamilton
Cambridge International Academy
130 Commercial Avenue Ajax
Zoe Christian Academy
299 McFadden Road Apsley
Associated Hebrew Schools of Toronto
252 Finch West Ave Toronto
The Element
425 Marché Way Ottawa
Knox Christian School
410 North Scugog Crt Bowmanville
Ottawa Christian School
255 Tartan Drive Ottawa
Safa & Marwa Islamic School
5585 McAdam Rd Mississauga
Madaniyya Academy
3930 Nashua Drive Mississauga
Sherwood Heights School - Mississauga
5870 Kennedy Road Mississauga
Afzal Islamic Montessori & Academy
33 Casebridge Court Scarborough
Pathways Academy & Early Learning Centre
6642 ST. Thomas More Drive Niagara Falls
Al-Taqwa Academy
1837 Chruchill St London
Tall Pines School
8525 Torbram Road Brampton
Dragon Academy, The
35 Prince Arthur Ave Toronto
St. Jude's School Inc
888 Trillium Drive Kitchener
London Islamic School
151 Oxford St W London
Rotherglen School
3553 South Common Crt Mississauga
Markville Montessori Private School
3882 Highway 7 Markham
Trillium Waldorf School
540 Victoria Road North Guelph
Cornerstone Montessori Prep School
177 Beverley St Toronto
Sevenoaks Academy
190 Cook Street Barrie
Our Future Academy
411 Manhattan Drive Markham
MAC Maple Grove School
160 Courtland Avenue East Kitchener
Marigold Hollow Parochial School
7573 Sideroad 3 East 6 Mount Forest
Gibraltar Leadership Academy
4140 Finch Avenue E. Scarborough
Joan of Arc Academy
2221 Elmira Dr Ottawa
5 Cherrycrest Dr Brampton
New Jerusalem Parochial
1505 Scotch Line Road 2 Elmira
Trinity College School
55 Deblaquire St N Port Hope
Al-Ikhlaas Foundation School
1245 Martin Grove Road Etobicoke
Baitul Mukarram Academy - Boys Section
3334 Danforth Avenue Toronto
Oak Learners
394 Royal York Road Etobicoke
St John's-Kilmarnock School
2201 Shantz Station Rd Breslau
Bravo Education Centre
72-80 Cathedral High Street Markham
Crestwood Preparatory College Inc.
217 Brookbanks Dr Toronto
Moose Factory Academy
18 North Moose Factory
Gap Academy
4 John St York
Philopateer Christian College
6341 Mississauga Road Mississauga
Uxbridge Montessori School
167 Main St N Uxbridge
Kisomo International Collegiate
15 Bethridge Road Toronto
Al-Sadeq Academy
1485 Janette Avenue Windsor
Lambton Kent A&C Ed-Literacy/Numeracy
660 Oakdale Avenue Sarnia
Sir Adam Beck Public School
1140 Snyder's Rd. W. Baden
Central Algoma Public School
5 Margaret St Desbarats
St Anthony Elementary School
391 Booth St Ottawa
Topcliff Public School
65 Topcliff Ave North York
Annandale Public School
60 Tillson Ave Tillsonburg
Elmvale District High School 7-8
25 Lawson Ave Elmvale
Shoreham Public School
31 Shoreham Dr North York
Ealing Public School
840 Hamilton Rd London
Courtice North Public School
1675 Nash Rd Courtice
Sixteenth Avenue Public School
400 16th Ave Richmond Hill
St. Gabriel Elementary School
400 Keyrock Drive Kanata
Northdale Central Public School
3860 Catherine St Dorchester
Northwood Public School
1100 Northwood St Windsor
St. Joseph's Separate School
835 First Street Renfrew
McCrimmon Middle School
83 McCrimmon Dr Brampton
Woodcrest Public School
867 Woodcrest Road Thunder Bay
École élémentaire catholique Saint-Mathieu
3155 Gendron chemin Hammond
John McCrae Public School
431 McCowan Rd Scarborough
C H Norton Public School
2120 Cleaver Ave Burlington
Terraview-Willowfield Public School
95 Pachino Blvd Scarborough
St Henry Catholic Catholic School
100 Bamburgh Circle Toronto
Sir John A Macdonald Public School
777 Balaton Ave Pickering
Glen Orchard Public School
3954 Muskoka Road 169 Rd RR3 Port Carling
Glendale Public School
35 Sunset Blvd Brampton
Winchester Public School
547 Louise Street South Winchester
Delta Senior Alternative School
301 Montrose Ave Toronto
Zion Heights Middle School
5900 Leslie St North York
St John Bosco Catholic Elementary School
199 Belview Ave Woodbridge
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School
97 Park Cres Amherstview
Allandale Heights Public School
124 Bayview Dr Barrie
Tarentorus Public School
96 Northwood St Sault Ste. Marie
M S Hetherington Public School
8800 Menard St Windsor
St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School
74 Toronto Rd Port Hope
Cashmere Avenue Public School
2455 Cashmere Ave Mississauga
Michael Cranny Elementary School
155 Melville Ave Maple
St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School
822 Marlborough St Cornwall
Vaughan Willard Public School
1911 DIXIE RD Pickering
Massassaga-Rednersville Public School
1115 Cty Rd 28 Conc 1 Bayside Belleville
Father Daniel Zanon Elementary School
450 Hillcrest Ave Mississauga
Pinewood Public School
3924 Queen St E Sault Ste. Marie
R A Riddell Public School
200 Cranbrook Drive Hamilton
Bobby Orr Public School
7 Waterloo St Oshawa
Rosebank Road Public School
591 Rosebank Rd S Pickering
Second Street Junior Middle School
71 Second St Etobicoke
Holy Family Elementary School
245 Owl Dr Ottawa
Folkstone Public School
104 Folkstone Cres Brampton
Westmount Public School
73 Ann St Thorold
École Ste Marguerite Bourgeoys
20 Gunne Cres Kenora
Cedar Drive Junior Public School
21 Gatesview Ave Scarborough
École Notre-Dame-du-Sault
600 North rue Sault Ste. Marie
James W. Hill Public School
2860 Kingsway Drive Oakville
Minto-Clifford Central Public School
5804 Highway 89 RR 1 Harriston
Clifford Bowey Public School
1300 Kitchener Ave Ottawa
W.J. Holsgrove Public School
1414 Sproule St Westbrook
Salem Public School
23 Woolwich Street Elora
Coronation Public School
757 Concession Rd Cambridge
Parkview Public School
133 Adelaide St N Lindsay
Caldwell Street Elementary School
70 Caldwell Street Carleton Place
St Nicholas Catholic Elementary School
525 Laurelwood Dr Waterloo
Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy
850 Humberwood Blvd Etobicoke
Kennedy Public School
20 Elmfield Cres Scarborough
St. Mary Catholic Elementary School
103 B Lyle St Grafton
St John Bosco Catholic Elementary School
191 Highland Ave Port Colborne
St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School
610 Longworth Ave Bowmanville
Aylesbury Public School
25 Aylesbury Drive Brampton
Holy Rosary Catholic School
308 Tweedsmuir Ave Toronto
John McCrae Public School
189 Water St Guelph
St John Catholic Elementary School
99 Strange St Kitchener
École séparée Sacré-Coeur
14 Strathcona rue Chapleau
St Isidore Elementary School
1105 March Rd RR 1 Kanata
Maxville Public School
15 Alexander Street West Maxville
West Glen Junior School
47 Cowley Ave Etobicoke
Meadowlands Public School
10 Fieldrow St Nepean
Wallaceburg DSS-Gr. 7 & 8
920 Elgin Street Wallaceburg
Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School
125 First St Louth St. Catharines
Woodland Park Public School
555 Ellis Rd W Cambridge
Rowntree Public School
254 Queen Mary Dr Brampton
Central Public School
200 Amelia Street Cornwall
St Cecilia Catholic Elementary School
300 Peter Rupert Avenue Maple
Huntsville Public School
16 Caroline St W Huntsville
St Emily Catholic Elementary School
60 Vellore Woods Blvd Woodbridge
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
1211 South Russell Rd RR 2 Russell
Brookville Public School
11325 Guelph Line Campbellville
Valley Way Public School
5315 Valley Way Niagara Falls
Mary Phelan Catholic School
8 Bishop Crt Guelph
Lakeside Public School
4 Parkes Dr Ajax
Briargreen Public School
19 Parkfield Cres Nepean
Macville Public School
7280 King St W RR 5 Caledon
Federal Public School
80 Tweedsmuir Rd Kirkland Lake
International Languages - Stouffville Night School
36 Regatta Ave Richmond Hill
Archie Stouffer Elementary School
12 Vintage Cres. Minden
John Darling Public School
200 Rolling Meadows Dr Kitchener
Central Avenue Public School
81 Central Ave Elliot Lake
Meadowview Public School
9234 Addison-Greenbush Road RR 2 Addison
Chesley District Community School
231 4th Ave SE Chesley
Shanty Bay Public School
1871 Ridge Rd W RR 3 Shanty Bay
Ross Public School
358 Niagara St Welland
Peel Alternative - South Elementary
1500 Ogden Avenue Mississauga
Pine View Public School
2321 Petawawa Blvd Pembroke
Caradoc North School
8041 Scotchmere Dr RR 1 Strathroy
Dunrankin Drive Public School
3700 Dunrankin Dr Mississauga
Dr Robert Thornton Public School
St Martin De Porres Catholic School
230 Morningside Ave Toronto
Guardian Angels
200 Lawford Road Vaughan
Parkfield Junior School
31 Redgrave Dr Etobicoke
Amabel-Sauble Community School
555 Sauble Falls Parkway RR 1 Sauble Beach
St Edward Catholic School
1 Botham Rd Toronto
Princess Anne Public School
500 Douglas St W Sudbury
Pleasant Corners Public School
4099 Highway 34 Vankleek Hill
Parkland Public School
18 Coxworth Ave Markham
Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy
82 Thorncliffe Park Drive Toronto
St John Vianney Catholic School
8405 Cedarview St Windsor
Meadowlane Public School
236 Forestwood Dr Kitchener
C C Carrothers Public School
360 Chippendale Cres London
St Alfred Catholic Elementary School
280 Vine St St. Catharines
Pilgrim Wood Public School
1551 Pilgrims Way Oakville
Hopewell Avenue Public School
17 Hopewell Ave Ottawa
Hewitt's Creek Public School
41 Sandringham Drive Barrie
William Berczy Public School
120 Carlton Rd Unionville
St Marguerite d'Youville School
170 Hawthorne Rd London
Welborne Avenue Public School
190 Welborne Ave Kingston
Holy Cross Catholic School
910 Leslie Drive Innisfil
Argyle Public School
11767 Hwy 522 Port Loring
Princess Margaret Public School
51 Wellington St Orangeville
Horizon Alternative Senior School
570 Shaw St Toronto
École secondaire catholique Algonquin
555 Algonquin Av North Bay
Pakenham Public School
109 Jeanie Street Pakenham
St Edmund Separate School
1250 Melton Dr Mississauga
Perth Road Public School
1084 Walsh Road Perth Road
Pineview Public School
8 George Street North Athens
Brownridge Public School
65 Brownridge Dr Thornhill
Rolph Road Elementary School
31 Rolph Rd East York
W. F. Herman Academy Elementary School
1905 Bernard Rd Windsor
St Joseph Separate School
249 Church St Mississauga
City View Alternative Senior School
38 Shirley Street Toronto
St Mary's Separate School
40 Central Ave Brockville
After School Literacy Numeracy Program Night School
35 Regatta Ave Richmond Hill
Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School
222 Maple Ave Halton Hills
J G Workman Public School
487 Birchmount Rd Toronto
Keewatin Public School
330 Mill St Keewatin
Mount Carmel Blytheswood Public School
622 Mersea Rd 5 Leamington
Castlebridge Public School
2801 Castlebridge Dr Mississauga
Cordella Junior Public School
175 Cordella Ave York
Brigadoon Public School
415 Caryndale Dr Kitchener
St Patrick Catholic Elementary School
266 Rosemount Ave Port Colborne
Georges Vanier Catholic School
28 Finchgate Blvd Brampton
Baden Public School
155 Livingston Blvd Baden
Giles Campus French Immersion Public School
874 Giles Blvd E Windsor
St Edmund Campion Catholic School
30 Highcastle Rd Toronto
Bridlewood Junior Public School
60 Bridlewood Blvd Scarborough
École élémentaire Gabrielle-Roy
14 Pembroke rue Toronto
École élémentaire catholique Saint-Isidore
20 de l'École rue St-isidore
Florence Meares Public School
2102 Berwick Dr Burlington
Ferndale Public School
35 Ferndale Ave St. Catharines
Lackner Woods Public School
151 Zeller Dr Kitchener
Mitchell District Elementary Public School
95 Francis Street 5 Mitchell
St Anne Catholic Elementary School
127 Elgin St N Cambridge
St Nicholas School
100 Lougheed Rd Barrie
Anne Frank Public School
431 Ilan Ramon Blvd Maple
St Brendan Catholic School
751 Hoover Park Drive Stouffville
Carleton Place Intermediate School
215 Lake Ave W Carleton Place
Central Junior Public School
75 Hunter Street West Hamilton
Clarington Central Intermediate School
200 Clarington Boulevard Bowmanville
Lisgar Middle School
6755 Lisgar Dr Mississauga
École élémentaire publique Jeanne-Sauvé
1917 Gardenway chemin Orléans
The Holy Trinity Catholic School
6 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive Toronto
OCSB International Languages Elementary
570 West Hunt Club Rd Nepean
Devonshire Community Public School
100 Breezehill Ave Ottawa
Franklin Street Public School
21 Franklin St Markham
Pope Francis Catholic Elementary School
8 Merritt Island Welland
St Paul Catholic Elementary School
539 Grenville Ave Thunder Bay
H G Bernard Public School
245 Bernard Ave Richmond Hill
Fred C Cook Public School
20 Fletcher St Bradford
Branlyn Community School
238 Brantwood Park Rd Brantford
William G Davis Public School
530 Lang's Dr Cambridge
Jean Vanier Separate School
1019 Viscount Rd London
St Denis Catholic Elementary School
175 Carlton St St. Catharines
South Huron Elementary Public School
92 Gidley Street East Exeter
St Ambrose Catholic School
20 Coules Crt Toronto
Summitview Public School
6551 Main St Stouffville
William Burgess Elementary School
100 Torrens Ave East York
St Martin of Tours Catholic School
62 Post Street Whitney
Arran Tara Elementary School
106 Brook St W Tara
Shirley Street Junior Public School
38 Shirley St Toronto
Warsaw Public School
975 English Line S Line Warsaw
Queen Elizabeth Public School
100 Veteran's Memorial Blvd Renfrew
North Star Community School
209 Hawthorne Road Atikokan
Iroquois Falls Public School
900 Centennial St Iroquois Falls
Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
121 Brimwood Blvd Toronto
Davisville Junior Public School
43 Millwood Rd Toronto
440 Albert St Ottawa
Lady Mackenzie Public School
1746 Kirkfield Rd Kirkfield
Homestead Public School
99 Fletcher's Creek Blvd Brampton
Knob Hill Public School
25 Seminole Ave Scarborough
University Heights Public School
27 Ford Cres London
Silverthorn Community School
300 Kane Ave Toronto
Father C W Sullivan Catholic School
62 Seaborn Rd Brampton
Armstrong Elementary School
62 Queen St Armstrong
Woodland Public School
120 Royal Orchard Blvd Thornhill
Our Lady of Wisdom Elementary School
1565 St Georges St Orleans
St Michael Catholic Academy
41 Simonston Blvd Thornhill
Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School
20 Farmington Dr Courtice
Russell Public Public School
14 Mill Street Russell
Lincoln Heights Public School
270 Quickfall Dr Waterloo
Our Lady of Peace Catholic School
70 Mattice Ave Toronto
Wilberforce Public School
340 Beech Street Lucan
da Vinci School
33 Robert Street Toronto
Highland Creek Public School
1410 Military Trail West Hill
École élémentaire Le Caron
22 John rue Penetanguishene
Chippewa Public School
1035 Chippewa Dr London
W. R. Best Memorial Public School
2221 OLD BARRIE RD 2 Shanty Bay
Montclair Public School
1285 Montclair Dr Oakville
ÉÉC Notre-Dame-de-la-Huronie
55 Findlay Drive Collingwood
St. Charles Internatonal Language E (NC)
150 East 5th St Hamilton
St Columban Separate School
44106 Line 34 RR 2 Dublin
École élémentaire Laure-Rièse
339 Alton Towers Circle Scarborough
Calvin Park Public School
153 Van Order Dr Kingston
Rippleton Public School
21 Rippleton Rd North York
Queen Victoria Public School
11 John St Lindsay
Lisgar Junior Public School
110 Anson Avenue Hamilton
Georges P Vanier Catholic School
20 Cecile Ave Chatham
Sawmill Creek Elementary School
3400 D'Aoust Ave Gloucester
Maple Leaf Public School
155 Longford Dr Newmarket
Notre Dame Catholic Separate School
157 McKenzie St Carleton Place
St. Mark Catholic Elementary School
2145 Upper Middle Rd Burlington
OCDSB-International Languages Elementary
440 Albert St Ottawa
Goldcrest Public School
24 Goldcrest Rd Brampton
Woodland Public School
1511 7th St Louth St. Catharines
Amherst Island Public School
5955 Front Rd Stella
Cedar Creek Public School
55 Hilltop Dr Ayr
Georges Vanier Catholic School
100 Tracey St E Belleville
Missarenda Consolidated Public School
1 First Street Missanabie
Perth Avenue Junior Public School
14 Ruskin Ave Toronto
St Kevin Catholic School
15 Murray Glen Dr Scarborough
Clarksdale Public School
2399 Mountainside Dr Burlington
École élémentaire Marie-Curie
40 Hunt Club Dr London
St Robert Catholic School
Bell Intermediate School
40 Cassidy Rd Nepean
Kettle Lakes Public School
62 Kingshill Rd Richmond Hill
Ryerson Middle School
222 Robinson Street Hamilton
James Grieve Public School
12175 Bramalea Road Brampton
Wellesworth Junior School
225 Wellesworth Dr Etobicoke
École intermédiaire Barrahven
4025 Strandherd promenade Nepean
North Bridlewood Junior Public School
50 Collingsbrook Blvd Scarborough
W H Ballard Public School
801 Dunsmure Road Hamilton
St Clement Catholic School
4319 Bloor St Etobicoke
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
270 Locke St S Hamilton
Dublin Heights Elementary and Middle School
100 Bainbridge Ave North York
Cochrane Public School
453 A Chalmers Avenue Cochrane
The Elms Junior Middle School
45 Golfdown Dr Etobicoke
Prince of Wales Public School
1211 Monaghan Rd Peterborough
Elora Public School
288 Mill St E Elora
École publique Foyer-Jeunesse
4752 Notre Dame avenue Hanmer
Birchbank Public School
52 Birchbank Rd Brampton
W Earle Miller Public School
200 Victoria Ave Timmins
Joseph Gould Public School
144 PLANKS LANE Uxbridge
John Wise Public School
100 Parkside Drive St. Thomas
Senator Gibson Public School
4944 John St Beamsville
Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School
110 Marlborough Rd Thunder Bay
Westminster Public School
29 Central Avenue West Brockville
Fairmount Public School
31 Sloley Rd Scarborough
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School
400 Pacific Ave Oshawa
Riverside Public School
30 John St N Mississauga
Golden Avenue Public School
117 Golden Avenue South Porcupine
St David of Wales Separate School
4200 Beacon Lane Mississauga
École catholique Cité des Jeunes
10 Cite Des Jeunes Boulevard Kapuskasing
St. John XXIII Catholic Elementary School
915 McBride Ave Mississauga
S A Cawker Public School
16200 Old Simcoe Rd Port Perry
OCSB Continuing Education Summer School
570 West Hunt Club Rd Ottawa
St Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School
355 Waterloo Ave Kingston
St James Public School
243 St James St Thunder Bay
Eva Circe-Cote French Immersion Public School
45885 Sparta Line St. Thomas
Saginaw Public School
740 Saginaw Pkwy Cambridge
Churchill Alternative School
345 Ravenhill Ave Ottawa
Five Mile Public School
2025 Dawson Road 12 Thunder Bay
École élémentaire catholique L'Étoile-de-l'Est
6220 Beauséjour prom. Orléans
Tommy Douglas Secondary Summer School
36 Regatta Avenue Richmond Hill
E T Carmichael Public School
1351 Chapais St North Bay
Mount Royal Public School
65 Mount Royal Crl Brampton
St Stephen Separate School
17 Colonel Bertram Rd Brampton
Hyde Park Public School
72 The Queensway Barrie
Lawrence Heights Middle School
50 Highland Hill North York
Springfield Public School
51336 Ron McNeil Line Springfield
William Armstrong Public School
11 Major Buttons Dr Markham
Beaver Valley Community School
189 Bruce St. S. Thornbury
École élémentaire catholique Notre-Place
665 Des Aubepines Drive Orleans
Assikinack Public School
226 Little Ave Barrie
Russell D Barber Public School
255 North Park Dr Brampton
Peel Alternative Literacy/Numeracy Middle School
5650 Hurontario Street Mississauga
St. Anne Catholic Elementary School
4675 Doug Wright Drive Burlington
Colborne School
8 Alfred St Colborne
St. Rose of Lima Elementary School
50 Bayshore Dr Nepean
Alton Public School
19681 Main St Caledon
St Nicholas Catholic Elementary School
480 Keith Ave Newmarket
St Peter's School
1811 Second Street East Cornwall
North Bendale Junior Public School
29 Aveline Cres Scarborough
Mount Pleasant Village Public School
100 Commuter Drive Brampton
Kente Public School
264 County Road 19 Ameliasburgh
St John XXIII Catholic School
175 Grenoble Dr Toronto
J W Walker Public School
475 Keating Ave Fort Frances
Guy B Brown Elementary Public School
55 Braeheid Avenue Waterdown
Confederation Central School
2500 Confederation Line Sarnia
Holy Name Catholic School
200 Fairview Ave W Essex
St John Fisher Catholic School
44 Main St Forest
Seneca Trail Public School
1915 Queensbury Drive Oshawa
MacGregor Public School
32 Central St Waterloo
Hastings Public School
25 Albert St W Hastings
General Crerar Public School
30 McGregor Rd Scarborough
Grey Owl Junior Public School
150 Wickson Trail Scarborough
John McGivney Children's Centre School
3945 Matchette Road Windsor
Sir John Moore Community School
274 St Clair Blvd Corunna
Malden Central Public School
5620 County Rd 20 Amherstburg
Donview Middle School
20 Evermede Dr North York
Bruce T Lindley
2510 Cavendish Dr Burlington
Sir Robert Borden Intermediate School
131 Greenbank Rd Nepean
Twentieth Street Junior School
3190 Lake Shore Blvd W Etobicoke
Mackenzie Community School - Elementary School
87 Brockhouse Way Deep River
Edenrose Public School
1342 Edenrose St Mississauga
Pinecrest Public School
542 Toke St Timmins
Golf Road Junior Public School
730 Scarborough Golf Club Rd Scarborough
Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School
28 Red River Dr Brampton
ALCDSB Summer School
151 Dairy Avenue Napanee
Fisher Park/Summit AS Public School
250 Holland Ave Ottawa
Joseph Brant Senior Public School
270 Manse Rd Scarborough
Spectrum Alternative Senior School
529 Vaughan Road York
ÉÉC Pape-François
276 Sunset Blvd Stouffville
St. Cecilia's School
3 Lynn Park Ave Port Dover
Devins Drive Public School
70 Devins Dr Aurora
Susanna Moodie Senior Elementary School
376 Avon Lough Rd Belleville
Athol-South Marysburgh School Public School
1764 Cty Rd #10 Cherry Valley
Morning Glory Public School
29478 Hwy 48 RR 2 Pefferlaw
East View Public School
75 Arizona Ave Sault Ste. Marie
Manordale Public School
16 Carola St Nepean
Norwood District Public School
24 Flora St Norwood
Pope John Paul II
1290 Heenan Place Kenora
Brian Public School
95 Brian Dr North York
DCE- Literacy & Numeracy
120 Centre Street Oshawa
International Languages - Pierre Elliott Night School
36 Regatta Avenue Richmond Hill
Longue Sault Public School
13 Bethune Avenue Long Sault
Fairlawn Elementary Public School
40 Fairlawn Blvd Brampton
Mother Cabrini Catholic School
720 Renforth Dr Toronto
Our Lady of Peace Elementary School
3877 Richmond Road Nepean
Humber Summit Middle School
60 Pearldale Ave North York
Joseph A Gibson Public School
50 Naylon St Maple
St. Brother Andre Elementary School
1923 Elmridge Dr Gloucester
Ernie Checkeris Public School
1570 Agincourt Ave Sudbury
Edenbrook Hill Public School
61 Edenbrook Hill Dr Brampton
Alloa Public School
12287 Mississauga Road Caledon
Lescon Public School
34 Lescon Rd North York
W.O. Mitchell Elementary School
80 Steeple Chase Dr Kanata
Castor Valley Elementary School
2630 Grey's Creek Rd Greely
St Jane Frances Catholic School
2745 Jane St North York
Priory Park Public School
275 Scottsdale Dr Guelph
West Oaks French Immersion Public School
1050 Plantation Road London
Joseph Gibbons Public School
41 Moore Park Cres Georgetown
Terry Fox Public School
161 Sawmill Valley Dr Newmarket
Clifton Public School
2389 Cliff Rd Mississauga
Sir William Stephenson Public School
1125 Athol Street Whitby
St. Mary's School
92 Main Street South Hagersville
Winston Churchill Public School
30 Crystal Dr Chatham
Hugh Beaton Public School
2229 Chilver Rd Windsor
St Bernard Catholic School
12 Duckworth St Toronto
Dr Ross Tilley Public School
45 West Side Dr Bowmanville
St Emily (Elementary) Separate School
500 Chapman Mills Dr Nepean
Dunsford District Elementary School
33 Dunsford Rd RR 2 Dunsford
Ernest Cumberland Elementary School
160 Eighth Ave Alliston
École séparée Saint-Joseph
1215 St. Anthony rue Hanmer
Eastview Public School
20 Waldock St Scarborough
Silver Creek Public School
460 Silver Creek Blvd Mississauga
St Sylvester Catholic School
260 Silver Springs Blvd Toronto
St David Separate School
3966 Catherine St Dorchester
Jersey Public School
176 Glenwoods Ave. Keswick
Ray Lawson
725 Ray Lawson Boulevard Brampton
Renfrew Collegiate Intermediate School
184 Bonnechere St Renfrew
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
90 Parkway Cres Bowmanville
Holy Cross Catholic School
299 A Donlands Ave Toronto
Morning Star Middle School
3131 Morning Star Dr Mississauga
St Luke (Ottawa) Elementary School
2485 Dwight Cres Ottawa
Wyevale Central Public School
20 Concession 5 Wyevale
St Bonaventure Catholic School
1340 Leslie St Toronto
St. André
13765 St. Gregory's Tecumseh
Balmoral Drive Senior Public School
233 Balmoral Dr Brampton
Holland-Chatsworth Central School
777346 Hwy #10 3 Holland Centre
St. Leo School
233 Memorial Dr Brantford
St Michael Separate School
926 Maitland St London
Post's Corners Public School
2220 Caldwell Dr Oakville
Cameron Street Public School
575 Cameron St Collingwood
Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic School
4205 Woodington Dr Mississauga
John Mahood Public School
5 First St W Elmira
Coronation Public School
5400 Coronation Dr Windsor
St Anne French Immersion Catholic School
1140 Monmouth Rd Windsor
H A Halbert Junior Public School
25 Halbert Place Scarborough
St Patrick's School
160 Hemlock Ave Atikokan
Korah Intermediate School
636 Goulais Ave Sault Ste. Marie
Bellmoore Public School
35 Pumpkin Pass Binbrook
D A Morrison Middle School
271 Gledhill Ave East York
Roywood Public School
11 Roywood Dr North York
Thousand Islands Elementary School
101 King Street West Lansdowne
Notre Dame School
238 Brantwood Park Rd Brantford
ÉIC Père-René-de-Galinée
450 Maple Grove chemin Cambridge
St. Luke Catholic Elementary School
335 St. Luke's Road 5 Lindsay
École élémentaire catholique Saint-Paul
840 Comber Side Road Pointe-aux- Roches
Silver Pines Public School
112 Stave Cres Richmond Hill
Central School
23 Station Rd Kirkland Lake
Our Lady of Sorrows Separate School
19 Mohns Ave Petawawa
Westacres Public School
2165 Breezy Brae Dr Mississauga
Harry J Clarke Public School
77 Rollins Dr Belleville
St. John Intermediate School
2066 Scotch Line Road 3 Perth
St Mary's French Immersion Catholic School
124 Gibbs St Sault Ste. Marie
St Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School
1425 Coldstream Drive Oshawa
James Hillier Public School
62 Queensway Dr Brantford
Holy Family School
80 Eighth Avenue Englehart
Divine Infant Catholic Elementary School
8100 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd Orleans
Queen Elizabeth Public School
191 Hoffman St Kitchener
Our Lady of Good Voyage Catholic School
5850 River Grove Ave Mississauga
St David Catholic School
549 Frood Road Sudbury
Divine Mercy School
2840 Duncairn Dr Mississauga
Pleasantville Public School
400 Mill St Richmond Hill
École Hillcrest Public School
433 First Avenue Petrolia
Broadlands Public School
106 Broadlands Blvd North York
Lambton Kent A&C Ed-ILE
660 Oakdale Avenue Sarnia
Sloane Public School
110 Sloane Ave North York
International Languages - Newmarket
36 Regatta Ave Richmond Hill
Westminster Central Public School
2835 Westminster Dr London
St Peter Canisius Catholic School
424 Victoria St Watford
The Woodlands
3225 Erindale Station Rd Mississauga
Strathcona Junior Public School
10 Lamoreaux Street Hamilton
Hillside Public School Public School
1290 Kelly Rd Mississauga
Glynn A Green Public School
1353 Pelham St Fonthill
Michaelle Jean Public School
320 Shirley Drive Richmond Hill
Charles E Webster Public School
1900 Keele St York
Briarwood Public School
1065 Mississauga Valley Blvd Mississauga
St Helen Catholic School
1196 College St Toronto
St Joseph Catholic School
8 St Paul St Killarney
École élémentaire catholique Sainte-Lucie
17 337 Dow rue 1 Long Sault
Orchard Park Public School
50 Wychwood Park London
Birch Cliff Heights Public School
120 Highview Ave Toronto
Bloordale Middle School
10 Toledo Rd Etobicoke
St James Separate School
13 Chalk St Seaforth
Lumen Christi Catholic Elementary School
841 Savoline Boulevard Milton
Taylor Creek Public School
644 Warden Ave Scarborough
Mary Ward Catholic Elementary School
2999 Dorchester Rd Niagara Falls
Avenue Road Public School
40 Gail St Cambridge
Christ the King Catholic School
227 Thomas Ave Wallaceburg
George R Gauld Junior School
200 Melrose St Etobicoke
J Douglas Hodgson Elementary School
1020 Grass Lake Rd Haliburton
White Woods Public School
177 Ethel St Sturgeon Falls
Norseman Junior Middle School
105 Norseman St Etobicoke
Courcelette Public School
100 Fallingbrook Rd Scarborough
St Patrick Catholic School
6041 HW Y 41 Erinsville
Westney Heights Public School
North Preparatory Junior Public School
1100 Spadina Rd Toronto
St Michael Catholic School
273 Church St Belleville
Tom Thomson Public School
2171 Prospect St Burlington
St Michael (Fitzroy) Elementary School
159 Kedey St Fitzroy Harbour
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School
101 Birchmount Rd Toronto
Foxboro Public School
658 Ashley St RR 1 Foxboro
Metcalfe Public School
2701 8th Line Rd Metcalfe
Elizabeth Ziegler Public School
90 Moore Ave S Waterloo
David Suzuki Public School
45 Riverwalk Dr Markham
Tecumseh Public School
1480 Chriseden Dr Mississauga
Fairfield Elementary School
59 Kildare Ave Amherstview
Prince of Peace Elementary School
1620 Heatherington Rd Ottawa
Brookside Public School
36937 Belgrave Road RR 7 Lucknow
Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School
170 Stoneway Dr Nepean
Parkview Public School
3070 Stillmeadow Rd Windsor
École élémentaire catholique Arc-en-ciel
1830 Portobello boul. Orléans
Reesor Park Public School
69 Wootten Way Markham
Johnson Street Public School
105 Johnson St Barrie
Toniata Public School
24 Scace Avenue Brockville
Boxwood Public School
30 Boxwood Cres Markham
Paul A Fisher Public School
2175 Cavendish Dr Burlington
Regina Street Alternative School
2599 Regina St Ottawa
LaSalle Intermediate School Intermediate School
773 Highway 15 R.R. #2 Kingston
Blaydon Public School
25 Blaydon Ave North York
Our Lady of Grace Separate School
52 Grace St Westmeath
Lakeshore Discovery School
376 I C Roy Blvd Emeryville
Stonebridge Public School
168 Stonebridge Dr Markham
St Maria Goretti Elementary School
121 Royal Orchard Dr Brampton
LaSalle Public School
1600 Mayfair Ave Lasalle
ÉÉC Saint-Louis
54 Dufferin rue Penetanguishene
Annunciation Catholic School
65 Avonwick Gate Toronto
St Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School
101 Dean Park Rd Toronto
Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School
470 Kitty Murray Lane Ancaster
Rawlinson Community School
231 Glenholme Ave York
Spencer Valley Public School
441 Old Brock Road Greensville
Rosedale Elementary School
25 Erindale Avenue Hamilton
Ecole Sir John A. Macdonald Public School
529 St. Martha Street Kingston
St Peter Catholic School
150 Westwood Rd Guelph
Alternative Program Elementary School
31 Tuddenham Ave Sudbury
Sir Isaac Brock Public School
80 St Lawrence Blvd London
St Francis of Assisi Catholic School
22 Leeder Lane Petawawa
Tomken Road Senior Public School
3200 Tomken Rd Mississauga
Precious Blood Separate School
133 Sanders St W Exeter
E W Foster School
320 Coxe Blvd Milton
Kingswood Drive Public School
235 Kingswood Dr Brampton
Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic School
7343 Tecumseh Rd Stoney Point
St Boniface Catholic Elementary School
1354 Maryhill Rd Maryhill
Algonquin Avenue Public School
160 South Algonquin Ave Thunder Bay
Lancaster Public School
7425 Netherwood Rd Mississauga
Lakefield District Public School
71 St Bridge Lakefield
ÉIC Père-Philippe-Lamarche
2850 Eglinton E Avenue Toronto
ÉÉC Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys-Markham
111 John Button boulevard Markham
St Bernadette Elementary School
1060 White Clover Way Mississauga
Princess Elizabeth Public School
60 Tecumseh St Brantford
King City Public School
25 King Blvd King City
Lorna Jackson Public School
589 Napa Valley Ave Woodbridge
Victor Lauriston Public School
44 Alexandra Ave Chatham
Rockcliffe Park Public School
350 Buena Vista Rd Ottawa
M T Davidson Public School
249 Lansdowne St Callander
St John Fisher Separate School
330 Balmoral Dr Brampton
Westmount Public School
1520 Sherwood Cres Peterborough
Country Hills Public School
195 Country Hill Dr Kitchener
Valley View Public School
3530 Westney Rd Greenwood
Madoc Public School
32 Baldwin St Madoc
St Mark Catholic Elementary School
4114 Mountain St Beamsville
Featherston Drive Public School
1801 Featherston Dr Ottawa
Iona Academy
20019 Kings Road 2 Williamstown
Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School
35 Saffron Cres Toronto
École séparée Saint-Antoine
20 St Antoine rue Noëlville
Father Clair Tipping School
25 Mountainberry Rd Brampton
St Charles Catholic School
50 Claver Ave Toronto
Middlebury Public School
5482 Middlebury Dr Mississauga
Burlington Central Elementary School
1433 Baldwin St Burlington
Rockcliffe Middle School
400 Rockcliffe Blvd Toronto
Coronation Public School
441 Adelaide Ave E Oshawa
TDSB Literacy/Numeracy Elem Summer
2 Trethewey Drive York
Our Lady of Grace School
24 Roth St Angus
Legacy Public School
61 Russell Jarvis Dr Markham
Ross Doan Public School
101 Weldrick Rd W Richmond Hill
St Francis School
690 Osgoode Dr London
St Mary's Separate School
128 William St West Lorne
Greendale Public School
5504 Montrose Rd Niagara Falls
Henderson Avenue Public School
66 Henderson Ave Thornhill
Redwood Acres Public School
4625 Carl St Hanmer
Downtown Vocal Music Academy of Toronto
96 Denison Avenue Toronto
Madoc Drive Public School
49 Madoc Dr Brampton
Hornepayne Public School
162 Fourth Ave Hornepayne
Oakwood Public School
255 Omer Ave Port Colborne
Stoneybrook Public School
1460 Stoneybrook Cres London
Trafalgar Public School
919 Trafalgar St London
Eganville & District Public School
259 Jane St Eganville
Silver Stream Public School
180 Farmstead Rd Richmond Hill
Cheyne Middle School
236 Queen Mary Dr Brampton
St Aloysius Catholic Elementary School
504 Connaught St Kitchener
St Gabriel Catholic Catholic School
396 Spring Garden Ave Toronto
Allan A Martin Senior Public School
1390 Ogden Ave Mississauga
St. Barbara Elementary School
1455 Samuelson Circle Mississauga
Tecumseh Senior Public School
720 Scarborough Golf Club Rd Scarborough
Nationview Public School
3045 County Road 1 South Mountain
Chris Hadfield Public School
211 West Park Ave Bradford
ALPHA II Alternative School
1141 Bloor St W Toronto
Lucy McCormick Senior School
2717 Dundas St W Toronto
Yorkview Public School
130 Yorkview Dr North York
Fossil Hill Public School
2 Firenza Rd Woodbridge
Westminster Public School
366 Mullen Dr Thornhill
Good Shepherd Elementary School
101 Bearbrook Rd Gloucester
Ballantrae Public School
5632 Aurora Rd RR 3 Stouffville
Gateway Drive Public School
33 Gateway Dr Guelph
Blacksmith Public School
45 Blacksmith Cres North York
215 Quebec rue Nakina
St Josephs Separate School
185 Parkdale Rd Dryden
Cassandra Public School
45 Cassandra Blvd North York
Our Lady of Lourdes Separate School
535 Irving St Pembroke
St Jean Brebeuf Separate School
63 Glenforest Rd Brampton
Huron Centennial Public School
39978 Centennial Rd RR 1 Brucefield
St Pius X Catholic School
71 Jane St Toronto
Whitefish Valley Public School
RR 1 Kakabeka Falls
ÉÉC du Sacré-Coeur-Welland
310 Fitch rue Welland
École intermédiaire Rivière-Rideau
830 Prescott Street Kemptville
Churchville Public School
90 Bonnie Braes Drive Brampton
Joseph Howe Senior Public School
20 Winter Gardens Trail Scarborough
Pope John Paul II Elementary School
205 S Franklin St Thunder Bay
Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School
62 Heatherdale Dr Brampton
H M Robbins Public School
83 East Balfour St Sault Ste. Marie
Lively District Elementary School
265 Fifth Ave Lively
McNab Public School
1164 Stewartville Road RR2 Arnprior
St Albert Catholic School
1125 Midland Ave Toronto
Algonquin Ridge Elementary School
191 Golden Meadow Rd Barrie
Jack Chambers Public School
1650 Hastings Dr London
Laurie Hawkins Public School
156 Innes Street Ingersoll
Sundridge Centennial Public School
118 Main St Sundridge
John A Leslie Public School
459 Midland Ave Scarborough
Gladys Speers Public School
2150 Samway Rd Oakville
St Michael's School
1085 Devonshire Ave Woodstock
École catholique Franco-Supérieur
220 Elgin rue Thunder Bay
École séparée St-Joseph
100 Bruyère rue Sudbury
Sir Isaac Brock P.S. (Elementary)
45 Meltwater Crescent Brampton
W J Fricker Senior Public School
790 Norman Ave North Bay
Algonquin Public School
59 Algonquin Rd Woodstock
École catholique Jean-Vanier
54 Duncan Sud avenue Kirkland Lake
Dougall Avenue Public School
811 Dougall Ave Windsor
Red Lake Madsen Public School
201 Howey St Red Lake
Presteign Heights Elementary School
2570 St Clair Ave E Toronto
St Bernard Elementary School
1722 St Bernard St Ottawa
Sunderland Public School
41 ALBERT ST Sunderland
Hamlet Public School
315 West Gore St Stratford
Brant Hills Public School
2330 Duncaster Dr Burlington
Holy Trinity Catholic School
60 Lorne Cr Sarnia
Timberbank Junior Public School
170 Timberbank Blvd Scarborough
Nottingham Public School
50 Seggar Ave Ajax
Whitney Public School
62 Post Street Whitney
Bayview Public School
185 Owl Dr Ottawa
Queen Elizabeth II School
60 Aberdeen Ave Sarnia
Bridgeview Public School
205 Albert St Point Edward
Carson Grove Elementary School
1401 Matheson Rd Gloucester
St Andrew's Middle School
131 Fenn Ave North York
ÉÉC Saint-Jean-Baptiste
1910 Broad Hollow Gate Mississauga
St Mark Separate School
1440 Glenora Dr London
St James Separate School
7332 St James Lane Tottenham
Riverside Public School
755 Brunel Road Huntsville
Huron Street Junior Public School
541 Huron St Toronto
St. Kateri Separate School
220 Sunnyside Drive London
Nelles Public School
118 Main St E Grimsby
Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion Public School
112 Churchill Crescent St. Thomas
Terry Fox Elementary School
Claude E Garton Public School
414 Grenville Ave Thunder Bay
Josyf Cardinal Slipyj Catholic School
35 West Deane Park Dr Toronto
St Nicholas of Bari Catholic School
363 Rogers Rd Toronto
École élémentaire Ronald-Marion
2235 Brock chemin Pickering
École séparée Saint-Denis
1200 Ramsey View cour Sudbury
CDSBEO Literacy/Numeracy
5 Catherine Street Smiths Falls
Robert Munsch Public School
20 Norista Street Whitby
Greenwood Public School
8 Fourth Line W Sault Ste. Marie
Twenty Valley Public School
4057 Victoria Avenue Vineland
Greenholme Junior Middle School
10 Jamestown Cres Etobicoke
TDSB Literacy/Numeracy Elem Regular
2 Trethewey Drive York
Sunnylea Junior School
35 Glenroy Ave Etobicoke
Oxford on Rideau Public School
50 Water Street Oxford Mills
St James Catholic School
10 Clover Ridge Dr W Ajax
St Kevin Catholic Elementary School
182 Aqueduct St Welland
St. Joachim Catholic Elementary School
75 Concerto Crt Ancaster
Derry West Village Public School
620 Twain Ave Mississauga
Blue Willow Public School
250 Blue Willow Dr Woodbridge
Andrew Hunter Elementary School
59 Lampman Lane Barrie
Alexandra Public School
65 Sussex St N Lindsay
St. Gemma Elementary School
1760 McMaster Ave Ottawa
Warren Park Junior Public School
135 Varsity Rd York
Prince Charles Public School
75 Ritchie Ave Belleville
St Malachy Catholic School
80 Bennett Rd Toronto
Woodcrest Public School
506 Woodcrest Ave Oshawa
Stittsville Public School
40 Granite Ridge Dr Stittsville
Chine Drive Public School
51 Chine Dr Scarborough
École élémentaire Académie Alexandre-Dumas
255 Coronation promenade Scarborough
Adrienne Clarkson Public School
68 Queens College Dr Richmond Hill
St. Isabel Catholic Elementary School
785 Goulbourn Forced Road Kanata
Tagwi Intermediate School
16750 County Road #43 Avonmore
Jack Miner Public School
144 WHITBURN Whitby
Hillcrest Public School
31 Renwick Ave Cambridge
St Denis Catholic School
67 Balsam Ave Toronto
École séparée Saint-Joseph
44 Lawton rue Blind River
St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School
1050 Nottinghill Gate Oakville
Allan Drive Middle School
254 Allan Dr Bolton
Churchill Meadows Public School
3310 McDowell Dr Mississauga
École élémentaire catholique Alain-Fortin
676 Lakeridge prom. Orléans
École séparée élémentaire l'Horizon
1650 Valleyview chemin Val Caron
Garden Avenue Junior Public School
225 Garden Ave Toronto
St Mary's Separate School
4 Hawthorne Ave Carleton Place
Percy Williams Junior Public School
35 White Heather Blvd Toronto
Tamworth Elementary School
6668 Wheeler St Tamworth
First Avenue Public School
73 First Ave Ottawa
St Francis of Assisi Catholic School
114 Wiley Street Kingston
Lambton Park Community School
50 Bernice Cres York
Saint Patrick Separate School
119 Lang St Cobalt
Storrington Public School
4576 Battersea Rd Battersea
Hickory Wood Public School
630 Ray Lawson Blvd Brampton
Tecumseth South Central Public School
2124 10TH SIDEROAD RR 3 Tottenham
Tom Longboat Junior Public School
37 Crow Trail Scarborough
Allan A Greenleaf
211 Parkside Drive Waterdown
Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School
420 Brittany Dr Thunder Bay
Artesian Drive Public School
3325 Artesian Dr Mississauga
Robert Service Senior Public School
945 Danforth Rd Scarborough
Little Current Public School
18 Draper St Little Current
École Immaculée-Conception
119 Lily Pad Lake chemin Ignace
École élémentaire catholique Des Pins
1487 Ridgebrook prom. Gloucester
Algonquin Road Public School
2650 Algonquin Rd E Sudbury
Bond Lake Public School
245 Old Colony Road Richmond Hill
St. Mary Catholic Elementary School
35 Centre St Campbellford
Unionville Public School
300 Main St Unionville
Mitchell Hepburn Public School
95 Raven Avenue St. Thomas
Tam O'Shanter Junior Public School
21 King Henrys Blvd Scarborough
Churchill Public School
1722 Fielding St Sudbury
Forest Trail Public School (Elementary)
1406 Pine Glen Road Oakville
Harrow Public School
400 Centre St E Harrow
Westwind Public School
111 Hartsmere Dr Ottawa
Fairmont Public School
1040 Hamilton Rd London
Forest View Public School
65 Athabasca Street Oshawa
Hillmount Public School
245 McNicoll Ave Toronto
St Andrew Elementary School
201 Crestway Dr Nepean
St Francis Catholic School
691 Lilac Street Sudbury
North Shore Public School
42 Pinecrest Avenue Keene
Highview Public School
320 Herbert St Pembroke
St Barbara Catholic School
25 Janray Dr Toronto
ÉÉC Monseigneur-de-Laval
135 Bendamere avenue Hamilton
École élémentaire catholique Trillium
9 Broomhead rue Chapleau
Glenn Gould Public School
675 Vellore Park Avenue Vaughan
St Georges Public School
782 Waterloo St London
Wilkinson Junior Public School
53 Donlands Ave Toronto
Ranchdale Public School
60 Ranchdale Cres North York
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic School
110 Northgate Dr Bradford
Captain R. Wilson Public School
2145 Grand Oak Trail Oakville
Sandwich West Public School
2055 Wyoming Ave Lasalle
Beverley School
64 Baldwin St Toronto
St John XXIII Catholic Elementary School
125 Kreighoff Ave Unionville
ÉÉC du Sacré-Coeur-Georgetown
34 Miller promenade Georgetown
St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School
200 Kenwood Ave Burlington
St Ursula Catholic School
426 Lacroix St Chatham
École élémentaire Micheline-Saint-Cyr
85 Forty First Street Etobicoke
Glenview Senior Public School
401 Rosewell Ave Toronto
Wilson Avenue Public School
221 Wilson Ave Kitchener
Convent Glen Elementary School
1708 Grey Nuns Dr Gloucester
Champlain Trail Public School
895 Ceremonial Dr Mississauga
Orde Street Public School
18 Orde St Toronto
Nakina Public School
214 North Ave. Nakina
Blessed Sacrament School
185 King St W Burford
St Luke the Evangelist Catholic School
55 Twin Streams Rd Whitby
St Charles School
691 Simcoe Road Bradford
Mackenzie Glen Public School
575 Melville Ave Maple
Selwyn Elementary School
1 Selwyn Ave East York
Rideau Intermediate School
251 Main Street RR 2 Elgin
E J Sand Public School
160 Henderson Ave Thornhill
A A Wright Public School
55 Elm St Wallaceburg
Pope Francis Catholic School
319 Ossington Ave Toronto
George P Mackie Junior Public School
60 Heathfield Dr Scarborough
North Cavan Public School
2001 County Rd 10 Cavan
Knoxdale Public School
170 Greenbank Rd Nepean
Roméo Dallaire Public School
550 Peter Rupert Avenue Maple
Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School
3201 Lansdown Dr Burlington
St Mark Separate School
3675 Sawmill Valley Dr Mississauga
Jackman Avenue Junior Public School
79 Jackman Ave Toronto
Mother St Bride School
414 Second Ave W North Bay
St Gregory Catholic Elementary School
34 Osborne Ave Cambridge
Nelson Mandela P.S. (Elementary)
10125 Chinguacousy Road Brampton
Munden Park Public School
515 Tedwyn Dr Mississauga
Académie La Pinède
116 Waterloo est chemin Borden
St Mary Catholic Elementary School
5719 Morrison St Niagara Falls
Fort Frances High Intermediate
440 McIrvine Road Fort Frances
St Jude's Catholic Elementary School
5355 Highway 34 Vankleek Hill
Mazo De La Roche Public School
860 Arnold Cres Newmarket
Otonabee Valley Public School
580 River Rd S Peterborough
St William Catholic School
1217 Faith Dr. Emeryville
Lake Simcoe Public School
38 Thornlodge Dr Keswick
Fernforest Public School
275 Fernforest Dr Brampton
Hespeler Public School
300 Winston Blvd Cambridge
Robert Moore Public School
528 Second St E Fort Frances
St Leonard School
185 Conestoga Dr Brampton
Chris Hadfield Public School
1114 Woodward Ave Milton
Merlin Area Public School
21184 Erie St N Merlin
Glengarry Intermediate School
212 Main Street North Alexandria
École élémentaire Toronto Ouest
330 Lansdowne avenue Toronto
Kingslake Public School
90 Kingslake Rd North York
Tweedsmuir Public School
349 Tweedsmuir Ave London
Jockvale Elementary School
101 Malvern Dr Nepean
Adelaide Hoodless Public School
71 Maplewood Avenue Hamilton
Pineland Public School
5121 Meadowhill Rd Burlington
St Padre Pio Catholic Elementary School
770 NAPA VALLEY AVE Woodbridge
Our Lady of Lourdes Separate School
103 Wellington St Delaware
St Louis School
1450 Lewisham Dr Mississauga
Leslie Frost Public School
51 Angeline St S Lindsay
Delaware Central School
14 Osborne St Delaware
École publique Pavillon Renaissance
301 Shirley rue Timmins
St Martin Separate School
140 Duchess Ave London
Carrville Mills Public School
270 Apple Blossom Drive Thornhill
Lanor Junior Middle School
450 Lanor Ave Etobicoke
Walpole North Elementary School
1895 Haldimand Road #55 R.R. 5 Hagersville
St. Benedict Elementary Catholic School
2993 Algonquin Road Sudbury
St Wilfrid Catholic School
1685 Finch Ave W Toronto
General Mercer Junior Public School
30 Turnberry Ave Toronto
Rosedale Public School
1018 Indian Rd N Sarnia
ÉIC Sainte-Trinité
2600 Grand Oak Trail Oakville
Dunlop Public School
1310 Pebble Rd Ottawa
L A Desmarais Catholic School
10715 Eastcourt Dr Windsor
St. Cecilia Catholic School
3490 Cambrian Road Nepean
Pauline Johnson Public School
4350 Longmoor Dr Burlington
Bishop Scalabrini School
225 Central Pkwy W Mississauga
École élémentaire Félix-Leclerc
50 Celestine promenade Etobicoke
Jeanne-Sauvé Public School
215 Wharncliffe Rd N London
Kilbride Public School
6611 Panton St Kilbride
Knollwood Park Public School
70 Gammage St London
North Meadows Elementary School
82 Middlesex Dr Strathroy
Cundles Heights Public School
60 Cundles Rd E Barrie
Eagle Ridge Public School
Mountain View Public School
299 Barton Street Stoney Creek
Ford City Public School
4195 Milloy Blvd Windsor
Willowdale Middle School
225 Senlac Rd North York
Diamond Jubilee Public School
61 Devonshire St Kapuskasing
Wendat Village Public School
99 Reeves Way Blvd Stouffville
St Charles Catholic School
26 Charlotte Street Chelmsford
Parkway Public School
436 Preston Pkwy Cambridge
École séparée Christ-Roi
7 Forget avenue River Valley
V P Carswell Public School
4 Seneca Rd Trenton
École élémentaire catholique La Vérendrye
614 Eastvale prom. Gloucester
École publique Jeunesse-Active
130 Lisgar rue Sturgeon Falls
Pauline Johnson Junior Public School
35 Dunmurray Blvd Scarborough
Munn's Public School
1511 Sixth Line Oakville
Fieldcrest Elementary School
100 Professor Day Dr Bradford
Brown Junior Public School
454 Avenue Rd Toronto
St Patrick Catholic School
3889 Wilton Rd Harrowsmith
École élémentaire catholique Marie-Tanguay
1500 Holy Cross boulevard Cornwall
St Edith Stein Elementary School
6234 Osprey Blvd Mississauga
St Teresa of CalcuttaCatholic School
1860 Chandler Road Windsor
Agincourt Junior Public School
29 Lockie Ave Toronto
Beatrice Strong Public School
90 Rose Glen Rd N Port Hope
Clara Brenton Public School
1025 St Croix Ave London
Trillium Elementary School
1515 Varennes Blvd Orleans
Gordon Price School
11 Guildwood Drive Hamilton
Peel Alternative - North Elementary
Cedarview Middle School
2760 Cedarview Rd Nepean
St Andrew's Public School
65 Victoria Ave Cambridge
St. Jacinta Marto Catholic Elementary School
40 Fallowfield Road Brampton
Rideau Heights Public School
77 MacCauley St Kingston
Cliffside Public School
27 East Haven Dr Scarborough
South Crosby Public School
1 Halladay Street Elgin
Winchester Street Public School
110 Winchester St Woodstock
Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School
502 Scott St St. Catharines
Maple Leaf Public School
301 Culford Rd North York
Stirling Public School
107 St. James Stirling
Elder's Mills Public School
120 Napa Valley Drive Woodbridge
Stayner Collegiate Institute 7-8
7578 Highway 26 2 Stayner
Sir Isaac Brock Public School
111 Colonial Dr Guelph
Winston Churchill Public School
530 Earl St Kingston
Lincoln Avenue Public School
70 Lincoln St Ajax
St Francis Xavier Separate School
74 Church St Brockville
École élémentaire catholique Notre-Dame
50 Campus Drive Kemptville
St Raphael School
3470 Clara Dr Mississauga
St. Mark Catholic Elementary School
43 Whitedeer Rd Stoney Creek
Pauline Junior Public School
100 Pauline Ave Toronto
John Marshall Public School
3910 St James Ave Niagara Falls
Millgrove Public School
375 5th Concession West Millgrove
St. Michael Catholic Elementary School
23 University Ave W Cobourg
Princess Elizabeth Public School
51 Elizabeth St Orangeville
McMurrich Junior Public School
115 Winona Dr Toronto
St John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
155 Red Maple Rd Richmond Hill
Glen Ogilvie Public School
46 Centrepark Dr Gloucester
Good Shepherd Catholic School
4 Edith St Thamesville
Father Serra Catholic School
111 Sun Row Dr Toronto
ÉIC Mère-Teresa
50 Lisgar Drive Hamilton
St. Bonaventure Catholic Elementary School
35 McCrimmon Drive Brampton
St Michael Catholic Elementary School
387 Line 3 2 Niagara-on-the-lake
St Luke (Nepean) Elementary School
60 Mountshannon Dr Nepean
St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School
919 D'Arcy St N Cobourg
Bellmere Junior Public School
470 Brimorton Dr Scarborough
Pauline Johnson Public School
25 Hummingbird Lane Hamilton
Mary Hopkins Public School
211 Mill Street North Waterdown
Steve MacLean Public School
4175 Spratt Rd Gloucester
St Patrick Catholic Elementary School
1001 Heritage Dr Rockland
Tecumseh Vista Academy - Elementary
11665 Shields St Tecumseh
St. Christopher Catholic Elementary School
2400 Sutton Drive Burlington
Terry Fox Public School
185 Wintermute Blvd Scarborough
Palmer Rapids Public School
116 Burnt Bridge Rd Palmer Rapids
Laurentian Public School
777 Westmount Rd E Kitchener
Holy Spirit Elementary School
1383 Main St Stittsville
Smithfield Public School
241 Drewery Street Brighton
Dr Roberta Bondar Public School
401 Grand Trunk Avenue Maple
St John Chrysostom Catholic Elementary School
800 Joe Persechini Dr Newmarket
St Mary-St Cecilia Catholic School
28 Shea Dr Morrisburg
Ascension Catholic Elementary School
5205 New St Burlington
Brisbane Public School
9426 WELLINGTON RD 124 2 Erin
Escarpment View Public School
351 Scott Blvd. Milton
St Francis French Immersion Catholic School
147 Brookfield Ave Sault Ste. Marie
Notre Dame Separate School
767 Valetta St London
Ramer Wood Public School
11 Cairns Dr Markham
St. John Paul II Catholic Elementary School
9094 Bolton Heights Rd RR 2 Bolton
St Andrew's Separate School
35 Cameron St. Killaloe
Sam Sherratt Public School
649 Laurier Ave Milton
St Margaret Catholic Elementary School
210 Cowan Blvd Cambridge
Beverley Heights Middle School
26 Troutbrooke Dr North York
Golden Learning Centre
16 Eric Radford Way Balmertown
Our Lady of Sorrows Separate School
680 Coursol Rd Sturgeon Falls
Tottenham Public School
21 Rogers Rd Tottenham
Woodville Elementary School
109 Nappadale St. Woodville
Moffat Creek Public School
710 Myers Road Cambridge
Glenbrook Elementary School
300 Fiddlepark Lane Shelburne
Pierre Berton Public School
470 Via Campanile Vaughan
ÉÉC Mère-Élisabeth-Bruyère
280 Glenridge promenade Waterloo
Stuart W Baker Elementary School
1080 Grass Lake Rd Haliburton
Thamesford Public School
130 McCarty St Thamesford
St Francis Xavier Elementary School
1235 Russell Rd Hammond
St Barnabas Catholic School
30 Washburn Way Toronto
Hunter's Glen Junior Public School
16 Haileybury Dr Scarborough
Henry Kelsey Senior Public School
1200 Huntingwood Dr Scarborough
Marymount Elementary Academy
165 D'Youville Street Sudbury
B A Parker Public School
500 Second St Geraldton
St Marguerite Bourgeoys Separate School
550 North Park Dr Brampton
CCE JK-8 International Language-Sept-Jun
465 East 16th Street Hamilton
Cliffwood Public School
140 Cliffwood Rd North York
Joyceville Public School
2903 Joyceville Rd Joyceville
St Lawrence Catholic School
2216 Lawrence Ave E Toronto
TDSB International Language Elem Regular
2 Trethewey Drive York
Eastview Public School
2266 Hixon St Oakville
Grand Avenue Public School
14 Grand Ave Grimsby
Romeo Dallaire Public School
300 Williamson Drive East Ajax
Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School
10 Japonica Rd Scarborough
St Stephen Catholic Elementary School
451 Napa Valley Ave Woodbridge
East Mersea Public School
547 Mersea Rd 21 Wheatley
Southview Public School
18 Golf Course Lane Napanee
Broadacres Junior Public School
45 Crendon Dr Etobicoke
École élémentaire Franco-Jeunesse
901 Rapids Parkway Sarnia
King Edward Public School
853 Chilver Rd Windsor
Silver Birches Elementary School
65 Marshall Ave W North Bay
Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School
128 Chesterton Dr Nepean
The Divine Infant Catholic School
30 Ingleton Blvd Scarborough
Caledonia Centennial Public School
110 Shetland Street Caledonia
Exeter Elementary School
93 Victoria St E Exeter
St Peter Separate School
46 Dawson Rd Orangeville
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School
140 Hillside Dr N Elliot Lake
James Bolton Public School
225 Kingsview Dr Bolton
Beverly Glen Junior Public School
85 Beverly Glen Blvd Scarborough
Sherwood Mills Public School
1385 Sherwood Mills Blvd Mississauga
Hillcrest Public School
1530 Springwell Ave Mississauga
Convent Glen Catholic Elementary School
6212 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd Orleans
Henry Hudson Senior Public School
350 Orton Park Rd Scarborough
Birch Cliff Public School
1650 Kingston Rd Scarborough
Metropolitan Andrei Catholic School
515 Mississauga Valley Boulevard Mississauga
Power Glen School
34 Westland St St. Catharines
Tweed Elementary School
52 St McClellan Street Tweed
Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School
760 Burnham St Cobourg
Barbara Reid Elementary Public School
130 Hoover Park Dr Stouffville
R Tait McKenzie Public School
175 Paterson Street Almonte
St Thomas More Elementary School
1620 Blohm Dr Ottawa
All Saints Catholic School
4105 Colonial Dr Mississauga
Bobcaygeon Public School
30 Balaclava St Bobcaygeon
Mariposa Elementary School
755 Eldon Rd RR 2 Oakwood
Paisley Road Public School
406 Paisley Rd Guelph
Sacred Heart Catholic School
31 Thomas Bata Blvd Batawa
International Languages - Huron Heights
36 Regatta Avenue Richmond Hill
Cedarbrae Public School
230 Cedarbrae Ave Waterloo
Valley Park Middle School
130 Overlea Blvd East York
St Mary's Separate School
1209 Tremaine Ave S RR 4 Listowel
Clarkson Public School
888 Clarkson Rd S Mississauga
Park Manor Public School
18 Mockingbird Dr Elmira
Gledhill Junior Public School
2 Gledhill Ave Toronto
Vance Chapman Public School
1000 Huron Ave Thunder Bay
Timmins Centennial Public School
545 Wilcox St Timmins
Sault Ste Marie Summer School
750 North Street Sault Ste. Marie
Roland Michener Public School
100 Penfield Dr Kanata
Norman Ingram Public School
50 Duncairn Rd North York
Westmount Public School
1011 Viscount Rd London
Wedgewood Junior School
5 Swan Ave Etobicoke
Central Perth Elementary School
4663 Road 135 RR 1 Sebringville
St Augustine Catholic Elementary School
177 Bismark Dr Cambridge
Castlebar Junior School
70 Chartwell Road Etobicoke
Literacy and Numeracy
164 Van Order Drive Kingston
The Grove Community School
108 Gladstone Avenue Toronto
École élémentaire Jeanne-Lajoie
150 Carnforth Rd North York
Dufferin-Peel Literacy and Numeracy
870 Queen St. West Mississauga
École élémentaire Antonine Maillet
615 Ridgeway av Oshawa
Adjala Central Public School
9091 County Rd 1 Loretto
St Basil Catholic School
300 Spruce St White River
Bracebridge Public School
90 McMurray St Bracebridge
North Ward School
107 Silver St Paris
Glenwood Public School
1601 Norfolk St Windsor
Church Street Junior Public School
83 Alexander St Toronto
St Agnes Catholic Elementary School
254 Neilson Ave Waterloo
ÉÉC Immaculée-Conception
153 Church rue St. Catharines
St George Catholic Elementary School
3800 Wellington Rd Crystal Beach
Courtice Intermediate School
1717 NASH RD Courtice
St Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
251 Colonial Dr. Guelph
Pleasant Park Public School
564 Pleasant Park Rd Ottawa
Drayton Heights Public School
75 Wellington St S Drayton
Lakeroad Public School
955 Lakeshore Rd Sarnia
École élémentaire Paul-Demers
100 Ravel Road North York
St Theresa Separate School
108 Fairlane Ave London
Mineola Public School
145 Windy Oaks Dr Mississauga
St Stephen Catholic School
55 Golfdown Dr Toronto
CCE JK-8 International Language-Summer
465 East 16th Street Hamilton
St Eugene Catholic School
30 Westroyal Rd Toronto
St. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
1201 Heritage Way Oakville
École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-Paul II
5473 Abbott Est Rue Stittsville
Roland Michener Public School
95 Ritchie Ave Ajax
Williams Parkway Senior Public School
1285 WILLIAMS PKY Brampton
St Peter Catholic School
15A Tripp Blvd Trenton
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School
3105 Don Mills Rd Toronto
St Peter Catholic School
2451 St Alphonse Rd Tecumseh
St. Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School
70 Margaret Ave Toronto
Alexander Public School
39 St Brendan St Sudbury
International Languages - Alexander Mack Night School
36 Regatta Ave Richmond Hill
Ecole Guelph Lake Public School
595 Watson Parkway N Guelph
École élémentaire publique L'Odyssée
1770 Grey Nuns promenade Orléans
Mother Teresa Catholic School
1035 Concession Rd Russell
570 West Hunt Club Rd Nepean
Buchanan Public School
4 Bucannan Rd Scarborough
St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School
1361 Barton Street East Stoney Creek
Alexander Muir Public School
75 Ford Wilson Blvd Newmarket
St Bernadette Separate School
155 Tweedsmuir Ave London
Holbrook Junior Public School
450 Sanatorium Road Hamilton
St Joseph Separate School
207 Huot St. South Porcupine
Park Lawn Junior and Middle School
71 Ballacaine Dr Etobicoke
Beau Valley Public School
John P Robarts Public School
84 Bow St London
Vincent Massey Public School
10 Church St Bowmanville
Ganaraska Trail Public School
34 Percival St Port Hope
ÉIC Monseigneur-de-Charbonnel
110 Drewry avenue Toronto
St George's Junior School
70 Princess Anne Cres Etobicoke
St Aloysius School
228 Avondale Ave Stratford
St Michael's Choir (Jr) School
66 Bond St Toronto
Westmount Public School
329 Glasgow St Kitchener
Holy Angels Catholic School
65 Jutland Rd Toronto
Rose Avenue Junior Public School
675 Ontario St Toronto
Murray Centennial Public School
654 County Rd 40 1 Trenton
Roseneath Centennial Public School
9047 County Rd 45 Roseneath
Camilla Road Senior Public School
201 Cherry Post Drive Mississauga
Palmerston Public School
530 Prospect St Palmerston
Lincoln Alexander Public School
95 Church St N Ajax
MacLeod's Landing Public School
195 Silver Maple Rd Richmond Hill
G C Huston Public School
61 Victoria St Southampton
St Vincent de Paul Catholic School
116 Fermanagh Ave Toronto
St Norbert Catholic School
60 Maniza Rd Toronto
St Agnes Catholic School
280 Otonabee Ave North York
St. John Catholic Elementary School
746 Park Street S Peterborough
École élémentaire catholique Des Voyageurs
6030 Voyageur prom. Orléans
Lydia Trull Public School
80 Avondale Dr Courtice
Lynngate Junior Public School
129 Cass Ave Scarborough
Rogers Public School
256 Rogers Rd Newmarket
Rothwell-Osnabruck Elementary School
1 College Street Ingleside
St Kevin School
103 Malta Ave Brampton
Beaver Brae Senior Elementary School
1400 Ninth Street N Kenora
East Alternative School of Toronto
21 Boultbee Ave Toronto
Dundas Central Public School
73 Melville Street Dundas
Manchester Public School
455 Dundas St Cambridge
Westwood Junior Public School
9 Lynbrook Drive Hamilton
Prince Charles Public School
138 Dufferin Ave S Trenton
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Elementary School
70 Gracefield Cres Kitchener
Riverside Public School
550 Pinetree Dr London
Pelee Island Public School
40 North Shore Rd Pelee Island
Schreiber Public School
301 Ontario St Schreiber
St. Kateri Tekakwitha Elementary School
6400 Beausejour Dr Orleans
Huntley Centennial Public School
118 Langstaff Dr Carp
St Mary School
347 Lyle St London
Beckett Farm Public School
78 Beckett Ave Markham
St Roch Catholic School
174 Duncanwoods Dr Toronto
Carleton Heights Public School
1660 Prince of Wales Dr Ottawa
Renfrew County Non Credit Program School
480 Mary St Pembroke
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School
1120 Runningbrook Dr Mississauga
East Carling Public School
814 Quebec St London
Glen Cedar Public School
915 Wayne Dr Newmarket
Queensmount Public School
21 Westmount Rd W Kitchener
ÉÉC Saint-François-d'Assise
58 Empress avenue Welland
St Martin de Porres Elementary School
20 McKitrick Dr Kanata
Broadview Public School
535 Dovercourt Ottawa
North Agincourt Junior Public School
60 Moran Rd Scarborough
W Sherwood Fox Public School
660 Steeplechase Dr London
King George VI Public School
585 O'Dell Ave Sarnia
North Elmsley Public School
209 Port Elmsley Road RR 5 Perth
St John Catholic School
780 Kingston Rd Toronto
École publique de la Découverte
1450 Main rue Val Caron
Prince Philip Public School
600 Vine St St. Catharines
Norman G. Powers Public School
1555 Coldstream Drive Oshawa
Talbot Trail Public School
4000 Ducharme St Windsor
Dr Charles Best Public School
3110 Parkgate Cres Burlington
Merivale Intermediate School
1755 Merivale Rd Nepean
Our Lady of Providence Elementary School
35 Black Oak Dr Brampton
Bloomsburg Public School
25 Concession 12 Rd 3 Waterford
Étienne Brûlé Junior School
50 Cloverhill Rd Etobicoke
Immaculata Intermediate School
140 Main St Ottawa
McKenzie-Smith Bennett
69 Acton Blvd Acton
International Languages - Sir William Mu Night School
36 Regatta Avenue Richmond Hill
Wheatley Area Public School
226 Erie St N Wheatley
Ionview Public School
90 Ionview Rd Scarborough
St. Evan Catholic Elementary School
500 Dougall Avenue Caledon
Selby Public School
1623 County Rd 41 Selby
International Languages - Richmond Hill Night School
36 Regatta Avenue Richmond Hill
CDSBEO Literacy/Numeracy Summer
5 Catherine St Smiths Falls
Summit Heights Public School
139 Armour Blvd North York
Prince Albert Public School
13700 OLD SIMCOE RD Prince Albert
V K Greer Memorial Public School
130 Muskoka Road 10 Rd Utterson
Edith Cavell Public School
1 Monck St St. Catharines
W.E. Gowling Public School
250 Anna St Ottawa
Bath Public School
247 Church St Bath
École séparée St-Étienne
79 Houle avenue Dowling
Robert Little Public School
41 School Lane Acton
Courtland Public School
1012 Queen St Courtland
Lester B. Pearson Catholic Intermediate School
2072 Jasmine Cres Gloucester
St Andrew Catholic School
2533 Kipling Ave Toronto
F.J. McElligott Intermediate School
370 Pine Street Mattawa
Parry Sound Public School School
21 Beatty Street Parry Sound
École séparée Sainte-Marie
25 Marier rue Azilda
Sir William Osler Elementary School
330 Governor's Road Dundas
École publique Jean-Éthier-Blais
2190 Lasalle boul Sudbury
William Dunbar Public School
1030 Glenanna Rd Pickering
Sawmill Valley Public School
3625 Sawmill Valley Dr Mississauga
St Michael's Separate School
5346 Queen St E Douglas
John Black Public School
150 Lamond St Fergus
Ecole Immaculee-Conception Separate School
201 Concession 12 Formosa
Flemington Public School
10 Flemington Rd North York
Ecole King George Public School
72 Lemon St Guelph
Our Lady of Fatima School
39 Sunset Blvd Brampton
École élémentaire David-Saint-Jacques
80 Burlington Drive Kitchener
St James Separate School
70 Wellington St Eganville
St Francis de Sales Separate School
4 Ross Street Smiths Falls
Highbush Public School
605 Stroud's Lane Pickering
St Thomas More Catholic School
234 Norman Rogers Dr Kingston
Kensal Park Public School
328 Springbank Dr London
East Garafraxa Central Public School
063066 County Road #3 RR 3 Orton
St Antoine Daniel Catholic School
460 Park St Victoria Harbour
Holy Cross School
3615 Morning Star Dr Mississauga
Rockwood Centennial Public School
137 Pasmore St Rockwood
Milliken Mills Public School
289 Risebrough Circuit Unionville
St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School
80 McLaughlin Ave Milton
Our Lady of Fatima Separate School
228 Mason Ave Renfrew
North Hope Central Public School
3278 Ganaraska Road Campbellcroft
Brisdale Public School
370 Brisdale Dr Brampton
Holy Name Separate School
299 First Ave North Pembroke
St Francis de Sales Catholic School
333 Firgrove Cres Toronto
Bendale Junior Public School
61 Benshire Dr Scarborough
St Hilary School
62 Salls St Red Rock
St Patrick Catholic Elementary School
51 Western Ave Schomberg
St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School
1190 Westview Terrace Oakville
Northern Lights Public School
40 Bridgenorth Dr Aurora
Worthington Public School
71 Worthington Ave Brampton
St Patrick's Intermediate School
2525 Alta Vista Drive Dr Ottawa
Stornoway Crescent Public School
36 Stornoway Cres Thornhill
Castlemore Public School
9916 THE GORE RD Brampton
Richmond Rose Public School
160 Frank Endean Rd Richmond Hill
École catholique Anicet-Morin
1070 Power avenue Timmins
Goulbourn Middle School
2176 Huntley Rd RR#3 Stittsville
Linwood Public School
50 Pine St Linwood
Springbrook P.S. (Elementary)
145 Jordensen Drive Brampton
St. Joseph Intermediate Catholic School
1500 Cumberland Street Cornwall
Mountview Alternative School School
99 Mountview Ave Toronto
Kiwedin Public School
735 North St Sault Ste. Marie
École élémentaire Jeunes sans frontières
7585 Financial promenade Brampton
GDCI - Elementary
260 South St Goderich
Central Senior School
242 Kent St W Lindsay
Thompson Creek Elementary School
800 Cross St W Dunnville
St Hilary Elementary School
5070 Fairwind Dr Mississauga
Queen Elizabeth Public School
830 Barnardo Ave Peterborough
S T Worden Public School
1462 Nash Rd Courtice
Indian Creek Road Public School
511 Indian Creek Rd W Chatham
John Brant Public School
143 Ridge Road Ridgeway
Walter E Harris Public School
Crescent Town Elementary School
4 Massey Square East York
Woodbridge Public School
60 Burwick Ave Woodbridge
Meadowbrook Public School
233 Patterson St Newmarket
St Mary's Separate School
37 Main St Chesterville
Valley View Public School
1840 Valleyview Rd Val Caron
George B Little Public School
125 Orton Park Rd Scarborough
Keele Street Public School
99 Mountview Ave Toronto
East Oxford Public School
RR 4 Woodstock
Immaculate Conception Catholic School
1748 Pierre Street Val Caron
Corvette Junior Public School
30 Corvette Ave Scarborough
Meadowcrest Public School
20 VIPOND Brooklin
Highfield Junior School
85 Mount Olive Dr Etobicoke
Fallingbrook Public School
Naismith Memorial Public School
260 King Street Almonte
Regent Heights Public School
555 Pharmacy Ave Scarborough
Lexington Public School
431 Forestlawn Rd Waterloo
Blake Street Junior Public School
21 Boultbee Ave Toronto
Shannen Koostachin Elementary School Elementary Public School
110 Bellagio Avenue Hamilton
Terry Fox Public School
95 Richvale Dr N Brampton
Christ the King Catholic Elementary School
329 Valleymede Dr Richmond Hill
St Teresa Catholic Elementary School
270 Edwin St Kitchener
Essex Public School
72 Brien Ave Essex
Le Phare Elementary School
1965 Naskapi Dr Gloucester
Richmond Public School
3499 McBean St Richmond
Worsley Elementary School
31 40th St Wasaga Beach
Msgr Fraser College (OL Lourdes Campus)
270 Cherokee Blvd Toronto
International Languages - Markville - 1 Night School
36 Regatta Avenue Richmond Hill
Vincent Massey Public School
211 Harmony Rd N Oshawa
École élémentaire publique Julie-Payette
1385 Halton terrasse Kanata
Cont Ed Literacy/Numeracy Strategy School
1428 Gordon St Guelph
F. E. Madill Elementary
231 Madill Drive Wingham
Lake Avenue Public School
157 Lake Avenue North Stoney Creek
Christ the King School
165 Dufferin Ave Brantford
Viola Desmond Public School
39 Formosa Avenue Ajax
Irwin Memorial Public School
1011 Dwight Beach Rd RR1 Dwight
Prince Charles Public School
40 Morton Ave Brantford
Ferris Glen Public School
30 Voyer Rd RR 2 Corbeil
The Good Shepherd Catholic School
23 Cloughley Dr Barrie
Waverley Drive Public School
140 Waverley Dr Guelph